Is It Unhealthy To Have A TV In Your Room?

Unless the person is watching TV 24/7, I don’t think it’d be a problem.
I have a TV in my room and I rarely watch stuff on it.

What do you guys think?
Should TVs be allowed in rooms?

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I have one but I rarely use it tbh.


I had one as a tween, and it was mainly so I could watch my two favourite shows at night when my mum had her favourites on. Otherwise, I’d watch it in the lounge 'cause the TV was bigger. HA


I bought mine over from my brother, so basically, I got a 1500 euro tv for 80 because his tv couldn’t give the right quality for his PlayStation :roll_eyes:
(you won’t hear me complain but still).



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I might have ripped of my own brother… But he gave me the offer.

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Fair point.

It depends on the person, I want one in my room but I know I’ll never leave my room if I did. My sister on the other hand has a TV in her room and doesn’t watch it unless she’s at home sick. :tired_face:

Nooo. I swear, any question about generalized limits and boundaries that we hypothetically wanna decide to set for everyone is just weird to me. Like everyone is different, damn.

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