Is organized religion inherently bad?

According to the Oxford dictionary, organized religion is “a structured system of faith or worship, especially one followed by a large number of people, such as Christianity, Islam, or Judaism.” Personally, I say yes. I don’t know why, it just makes me uncomfortable. Some parts feel cultish…I mean absolutely no disrespect, that’s just my opinion. Ok, @Debaters, have at it.

Not necessarily bad but definitely problematic


It’s not inherently bad, it’s the people that make it that way


Exactly this. :yellow_heart: And I’m a person who belongs to a religion, but I have had negative experiences with members of my church. That didn’t make me lose my faith nor turn away from my religious beliefs, especially because I’ve always had a great example at home from my mom, who is a lovely person. However, it did make me not want to be around those people any longer, and not want to belong to the study groups or activities that they are/were involved in.

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Completely agree with you here! (wink)

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I believe there’s an issue when the laws of a country are dictated by religion
And I believe there is an issue when a religion has a leader that none of the people in the religion except a select few can pick
And when that leader then says what is and isn’t allowed in the religion even if that may not have been what was originally intended when the religion was made

Of course I have no issues with religious people

What I do have issues with are
For example
This is just a small but common example

Despite the fact I didn’t want to go to a Catholic school, I had to go to one and through my time there I found out there were certain things the Church would stop funding the school for if they were taught

For example
proper sex education

I don’t think the church should have that much power especially in terms of education

I just want to add to past El’s comment that this is theocracy.

Theocracy can come with organised religion but doesn’t always :sunglasses:

You know what? I think I’m gonna just straight up say yes, it is. I no longer see any good outcomes that can come from organised or even unorganised religion but I’m not going to campaign for the destruction of religion (I’m not going to promote genocide) more so distance myself from it completely.