Is piracy killing the anime industry?

So, it’s no secret that there are websites that illegally show animes online. The big question is this piracy killing the industry or is it not effecting it at all. I would say that it was definitely digging a hole in the industry back in the early 2000s but since anime is now on multiple platforms the piracy isn’t hitting it as hard. Especially, with the fact that the main anime shows are now on amazon prime, netflix, and hulu. Piracy ended up being the way to go because subbed anime wasn’t as easily accessible back then. You had crunchyroll, vizmedia, and a few other sites that gave you access if you paid for a subscription.

What do you think? Is piracy killing the anime industry? Do you think it doesn’t matter at this point due to the high demand of anime being available so readily?



Well as you said, it’s far easier to watch anime in a way that isn’t illegal now, obviously there are still some people that pirate it but I’d say that most people don’t because yeah, it’s far more accessible now. But honestly? Think of the amount of anime merch people buy, that probably helps alot to fill the gaps made by piracy. There is also alot of anime in existance like an infinite amount being made all the time, good and bad, I’d definitely say the industry isn’t dying.


I think it’s killing the ability for producers to profit off of it being streamed, yes.

So in those terms, I agree.

That’s a good hypothetical for sure!

What do you guys think? @AnimeNerds

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