Is salt water good for the skin?

Salt water is widely talked about as being both beneficial and detrimental to the skin. I love going for swims in the ocean, which tends to tangle my hair, but I haven’t noticed anything substantial differences in my skin as a result of doing that.

  • Do you think salt water is good for the skin?
  • Do you use salt water as part of your skin care regimen? How?

I don’t really know much about skincare and saltwater but I do live near the Dead Sea and there’s basically more salt than water in it and it’s a place that’s really known to be good for your skin
I used to work at a bar there and many of the people that came by were there on a medical holiday
(Some countries apparently have that in the insurance)
Lots of people with skin problems like psoriasis and all, they just came there because it was known to be good for skin.


That’s kinda cool! I’ve always wanted to check out the Dead Sea sometime, but I’ve never been in that part of the world. I think it would be fun to see how the water there differs from usual water.


They’re freakishly salty haha
It’s like 30% salt


I’m not too sure about it’s effect on my skin, but I know that whenever I’m on vacation and I go swimming at a salt water beach, it always makes my hair curlier.

My skin care regimen is non-existent, so no.


I had some problems with my skin as a kid and swimming in the sea really helped the whole thing, so I think it’s good for your skin.

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