Is spotify premium worth it?

What advantages do you get from Spotify premium that make it worth the monthly subscription? I’ve seen people say they would never go back to the free version because of the perks from the paid one. So do you guys think it is worth it?


I don’t use Spotify, but being able to use it on PS4 without ads would be neat? Since you can fully customise the volume and have it come out of the same source as the game you’re playing. I like that :eyes:

Yes one hundred percent yes

Cool :eyes: I wonder what @Music has to say


I don’t have it-

I use Apple Music, so I wouldn’t know, but I can tell you that an apple music subscription is worth it.

I think that depends on how bothered you are by getting ads and how much you listen to music on the app.

I personally am not bothered to pay for the membership because I tend to use YouTube more and I’m not too bothered by the ads. :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Well, I like to listen to musical albums, and for some reason it’s really important to me to listen to it in order (actually… I think I like to do that with most albums now). So I definitely couldn’t have the free Spotify as you always have to shuffle play and it would stress me out when I don’t get the right song to play next. But I don’t know if anyone else is like me in that sense so maybe free Spotify would be okay.

Idk. It depends really. The ads get annoying when I’m trying to listen to a long album that has 15+ tracks but if I’m just listening to my liked songs it’s not too bad

Also depends on the ad. I didn’t mind the Supalonely by BENEE ad because I actually like the song!

Noo. You can just turn off your sound when ads come up instead of having to pay every month.

Yeaaa, I like the Just Eat ad.

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Yes, I need to download songs!

I would like Spotify Premium, but your girl is broke so :no_mouth:

When I move out, I’ll spend my own hard earned money to get Spotify Premium. From what my friends have said though, it’s worth it :eyes: :heart_eyes_cat:

Do you guys have Spotify Premium? If so, do you think its worth it?

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