Is teen drama on screen realistic?

I’m gonna say a no to this based purely on my own experience, teen dramas (where the teens are often played by people in their 20’s) are often reallyyyyy dramatic and I’m not saying situations like those don’t happen at all, they’re just not exciting like they are on screen :joy: obviously for entertainment purposes things do need to be dramatisized but I draw the line at making bad things seem romantic.

What about you guys?


Depends on the teen drama and also depends on the irl teens

But not really no


A lot of the shows, no. There’s always a murder, someone escaping town, someone going missing, or the over dramatic scenarios that aren’t common, don’t make sense, and are too much for a teen to actually be capable of. For example, Pretty Little Liars is extremely unrealistic. I don’t really enjoy the show because it’s kinda just too much for me. Gossip Girl is pretty unrealistic too (still love the show tho)

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Definitely. What teacher even a fake one would date an under age girl. Seriously it’s a crime for a reason and any adult with common sense wouldn’t do that sort of thing.


I was excited for middle school because of the drama and - third grade had more drama than this! (Friendship drama because I just make friends with the most sensitive ppl and also the only one who isn’t sensitive moved away :sob: cri)

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Lol no… I had such unrealistic visions of highschool going in and tbh the only thing that I expected is the amount of work I have XD.
Tbh the most drama I deal with is dealing with anxiety.

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If I were to base it on the local teen dramas in my country, I’d say kinda since teen dramas here are romance and academic-focused.

Dating in high school is also a pretty common thing here, so I’d say it’s pretty realistic. High school romance is full of butterflies and people shipping each other. High school isn’t complete if there isn’t one couple inside the classroom lmao.

I can’t say that much about Western teen dramas since I haven’t experienced being a teen there myself. One problem I do have with them is that the actors playing as teens do not look like typical teenagers at all. There are only a handful of shows where the actors look like or are actual teenagers.

No, I think it’s like what you said. It’s played by people in their 20s (bring it on) (17 again)(Riverdale) (etc)
Or how adults see teens and write them based off their perspective
But I could be wrong

Nah, they do it for entertainment purposes. I’d say it’s rather unrealistic. Too dramatic and mean girls will not get suspended/expelled no matter what they do. And the romance. Idk about you guys but dating is forbidden in my school.

Not really. Most of the time it’s overly exaggerated and the issues they cause so much drama over wouldn’t have gotten that big a reaction irl. You can clearly tell that it’s being based off of a stereotype of teenagers and how adults think teens act as opposed to how they actually act.

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