Is the image of the group or singer more important than the music?

I have many things to say about this.

Alot of people think that the only appeal of the bands I like is the way they look and while for a small handful of the fanbase this may be true (the ones who get mad when bands and singers change their look) it isn’t true for me and many others who like the bands I like.

I have to like the music in order to like the band, if they look good it’s a bonus, if they have a particular aesthetic to match different era’s then i find that theatrical and rad but it wouldn’t be a deciding factor for me liking them.

However, I have no problem with people who prefer the image to the music, we all have different things we look out for!

What about you guys?


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I usually don’t even know what a band/singer looks like because I’m too lazy to Google it and if their image is not on one of their album covers, I could go my whole life without finding out what they look like :grinning::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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You could have met the guy who made the duck song and never known :disappointed_relieved:


What if I am the guy who made the duck song but don’t know it because I never googled what the guy looks like?! :scream::green_heart::eyes::eyes:


Oh my…

I dunno why their image would be more important than their music? If their music speaks to me, that’s that. I could give less of a f!ck on what they look like or if they changed what they look like. If anything I think it’s interesting to see how the people who creates the music express themselves visually. It’s not a deal breaker and never will be.

Definitely not.
If their songs are good, who cares about their image?
I don’t have to like their aesthetic to like their music. I can love their music and hate their personal style.

Yeah I don’t look up what band people look like… I just listen to the music.

No tf

I would so No. but I also dont usually care about their private

but then again a singer I like he has been asking underage fans to send him nudes. so yeah, I dont listen to him anymore despite him been a great singer and songwriter

Nah, it’s definitely their music for me, appearance doesn’t usually matter to me.

No, definitely not, and I seriously hate when people refuse to listen to a singer because of their looks. Why should that even matter?

Personally, I could care less what a singer looks like, it’s all about the music. There are a lot of songs I have downloaded where I don’t know/don’t remember what the artist looks like. Physical appearance doesn’t equate to talent.

Nope, the image of the group/singer doesn’t matter for me in whether I enjoy the music or not. However, it can be a bonus if for example the vibe of the group in the music videos is very rad. But I have to like the music a lot to search for the music video in first place, as I basically only listen to spotify :joy:

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