Is there anyone that can be my friend that knows a good amount of info about WW2?

Hello everyone! I am going to start writing a book that has to do with WW2, but I am twisting the history a bit. I will start to write this book in a week and I wanted to know if there is anyone here that knows a good amount of info on it and would be able to answer some questions on it if I have any.


I know a good amount about it. Feel free to DM with questions and I’ll answer them best I can.


I know about WW2, I can probably help

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Ooh. Thank you!

Thank you, in a day or two I will make a PM with both of you in it once I finish getting the plot set with @LHT.


I wish I could help, but I don’t pay enough attention in history class

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I can speak a little German, if that helps.

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Sure! It might be helpful later on!

Klein Problem.

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Just PM me, and I’ll help as much as I can.

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Alright! Thanks!

Klein Problem. (No problem, literally translates to little problem)

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yeah inactivity