Is This a Fair Price?

Hi everyone!

So, I’m in the process of creating a “Writing Excellent Dialogue” course for the Shani’s Tutoring website. It is currently a work in progress, which is why it says it’s fully booked. However, I am trying to get it out ASAP!

The course basically covers everything I think people need to know about creating dialogue to do it well. It’s going to go through how people actually talk, as well as some concepts from linguistics to explain how to make characters sound authentic. I also look into neurodivergent characters and how their communication might be different!

Then, I am going to give advice and exercises to make writing dialogue amazing! It’s inspired by the issues I’ve seen on both Episode and Wattpad and talks people through how to make writing amazing.

Here are the prices in the main currencies:

  • £11.99 in the UK
  • $14.99 in the US
  • €13.99 in the EU

This is a one-time price for the whole course, including any future edits or updates I make.

Do you think this is a fair price? I’m looking for a price that compensates me for the 100 or so hours of work I need to put in to make this while also being fair for people who want to learn.

Some screenshots for you to have a look at, so that you know how it will be

Here are the topics at the moment:

Each topic will include at least 10 elements: a combination of lessons and quizzes. I think I might do a written course for now and then add video once I’ve made some money for it (or maybe I’ll get super excited and make it all video now).

Here’s an example of how I’m including neurodivergence into the discussion:

But also a disclaimer:

I’d love some feedback, please! @Bloggers?

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If you wanted a course on dialogue, what price would you buy it at?

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Is it a course of one session, or multiple parts?

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Right now, it looks like it will have about 40 lessons!


It would probably take over 10 hours to complete, including commenting when asked and finishing the quizzes etc.


Then I think it’s a decent price.


You think so? :smiley: I really want to offer a good deal so that people want me to do more!