Is This Normal In Any Way?

Okay, is this normal… So… my grandma passed a few months ago and it’s been really affecting me because I was super close with her, I wanted to bad for her to see me graduate High School… And this is the first time I have had to experience losing a loved one (I’m 17) and even now if I see the picture of her I asked for, I cry and I’ll randomly think about her and start bawling my eyes out. Is it normal for this to affect me so much even months later?


That’s normal. It takes a long time to get over the death of a loved one you were very close to. Some people never heal.


It’s definitely normal. Some people grieve longer than others.


Totally. If you had a close bond, then no doubt you should still be upset. Besides, it takes different amounts of time to grieve for everyone.


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Sorry about that, but that’s normal!