Is Wattpad the best medium to tell stories online?

There are a lot of different ways to tell stories online, but Wattpad is very popular!

Is Wattpad the best medium to tell stories online?
How could Wattpad be better?
What does Wattpad do that other writing platforms don’t?


  • yes in my opinion, I don’t really know any other mediums which allows you to read and write :joy:
  • maybe if they allowed people’s stories to be recognised more easier?
  • well I think that it’s unique in the sense that you can have videos from youtube, I don’t know if any other platforms do that too.

Nah, I actually like Tapas more :see_no_evil:

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Thank you! :hibiscus::hibiscus::sparkles:


I don’t think so, I used it for about a week and then just lost interest completely. I really prefer Tapas

Maybe make it easier for writers to get noticed, have a better algorithm or something

Turn many stories into traditional books, that’s actually a positive point

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No, honestly, I much prefer using either the forums SG section or Tapas now. (wink)
What about you, @unsungcheerio?

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I’ve tried writing on Wattpad, but to be honest, I prefer visual storytelling much more.

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Interesting. Aside from the visuals, what were your pros and cons?

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Yeah Tapas is a much better platform than Wattpad, couldn’t even tell you why but I find it a lot better to use and read
And ofc your stories exist on there which makes it infinitely better :relieved:

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Agree with that. I find it so much easier to navigate on.
DAMN IT! I knew I should have picked you for this particular thread. HAHAHAHA

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Yesss same same
Though I haven’t been on it in a good amount of time cri

Hehehehe OFCC you should’ve picked me :relieved: And since you never promo, I do aha and mention them whenever they have the slightest bit of relevancy :dancer:t5:

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No worries. Me neither. I really need to.

Bahahahahaha. You’re so silly and adorable

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  • You can write your story directly on the site without having to upload it from anywhere else first.
  • You can upload and insert images to make it a little more visual.
  • No special coding knowledge is needed.


  • It isn’t a visual platform.
  • It’s hard to find a good Wattpad community for writers, especially since my stories are very PG.
  • You can’t add footnotes. Since the story I wrote had a lot of words and expressions in Spanish, I wanted to add footnotes to explain them, but that option doesn’t exist.
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This is very true of writing platforms like this, I do agree.

Oh, I didn’t think of that. That does suck.

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Oooh good good so I didn’t miss much at all :sunglasses:


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