January Art Competition: Snow

Welcome to the January Art Competition!

The theme for this contest is snow (suggested by last month’s winner @Jass), and I’m looking forward to seeing all of your amazing works! :two_hearts:

As usual, there will be two weeks from when this is posted to submit your pieces. This means that all pieces should be submitted by or on January 17th. At that point there will be a public vote for the winner which will last for around a day, and then the winner will receive the awesome artist of the week badge and their art can be promoted on the Instagram for the forums!

Because no contest is complete without rules, here’s what you need to know:

  • You can submit up to three pieces for the contest.
  • You cannot submit art that you do not own. Tracing and copying are not allowed. Featuring art or photographs that you did not take in your art is not allowed. This is a violation of the forum guidelines, and we do have people watching for copyright infringement.
  • Your work must fit the theme in some way, although you are allowed to openly interpret the theme.
  • Old pieces of work are fine, but they should not have been entered into a previous competition here.


Do you want to be reminded to join? :eyes:

  • On the 8th
  • On the 12th
  • On the 14th

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I should join one of these for once :star_struck:


you should :star_struck:


Me too


Reminders to join!

@Bonswayout @TheDancingFryer @ethereal @Divcp


Thank youuuu

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It’s the 12th!

@bonswayout @TheDancingFryer @ethereal @AnnSza @Aprilt221 @Secreterz


Reminders @Bonswayout @TheDancingFryer @ethereal @Rxttenx @phnx

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Closed as contest is over!