January Poetry Competition: A Snowy Day

Welcome to the January Poetry Competition! Let’s get some amazing entries and show some fantastic writing.

The theme for this contest is a snowy day. Hopefully you’ll come up with some amazing pieces! :two_hearts:

As usual, there will be two weeks from when this is posted to submit your poems. This means that all pieces should be submitted by or on January 17th. At that point there will be a public vote for the winner which will last for around a day, and then the winner will receive the poetry competition champion badge and their poem can be promoted on the Instagram for the forums!

Because no contest is complete without rules, here’s what you need to know:

  • You can submit up to three pieces for the contest.
  • You cannot submit work that you do not own. This is a violation of the forum guidelines, and we do have people watching for copyright infringement.
  • Your work must fit the theme in some way, although you are allowed to openly interpret the theme.


Do you want to be reminded to join? :eyes:

  • On the 8th
  • On the 12th
  • On the 14th

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Reminders to join!

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Thank you!

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Get reminded :sunglasses:

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Reminders! @TheDancingFryer @Bonswayout @ethereal @phnx


Ok so this is my first try on a poem, mind you, I’m not very good at it but I wanted to at least try :eyes::sob: so uhh please don’t laugh :joy: because it’s all made up and I’ve never seen snow irl before :blush:

:white_heart: A Snowy Day :white_heart:

“Shin shin”, the snow fell, piling up by my doorsteps.
Overwhelming, I suppose.
Looking up, I see the once green leaves of the trees,
All covered with snowflakes.
From the mere distance
Screams of joy are heard from the children nearby,
All dressed in their warm attire.
Some making snow angels as well as snowballs,
To entertain the others.
Such a wonderful experience if you’d ask.
Indeed it is, while I sip on warm chocolate tea,
And be enthralled by nature around me.
‘‘Shin shin’’, the snow continues to fall,
As I close, my wooden door.


Congratulations to our winner @heavenbound! :partying_face:

Do you have a theme you’d like to suggest for the next contest? And are you okay with your poem being used on Instagram to promote the forums?

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Omggg :pleading_face::pleading_face::sob:

Yess I’m ok with it being used there no worries :dizzy::brown_heart::hugs:

“A Sudden Storm” sounds good to me :thinking:

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Awesome :sunglasses:

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Closed as the contest is over, see you next month :two_hearts: