Jewellery in School

Every school has its own rules regarding jewellery being worn and some are stricter than others.

  • Does your school have rules about wearing jewellery?
  • If it does, do you think it’s fair?
  • In general, what are your thoughts on wearing jewellery in school?

Most of the jewelleries aren’t allowed in my high school.
Stud earrings with simple designs (and certain colours) or small hoop earrings are allowed for girls.
Boys aren’t allowed to have any piercings.

Yes I guess :thinking:
Schools in my country are really strict.

I didn’t think that much lol. (and also I wasn’t really interested in jewelleries during that time.)
Idk about my college tho… I hope it allows us to wear jewelleries cause I wanna wear a necklace and a ring :star_struck:

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No… I didn’t know there was such thing in some schools…

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Yeah. We’re not allowed to wear necklaces, bracelets, etc.
Earrings are allowed, but only the smol ones.

Nope. Why are they not allowed?

It’d be rad, but the teachers don’t think that. They think wearing jewellery will “distract” the boys. Like, what?! That’s ridiculous!

Lucky :sob::sob:

I kinda think that because jewelleries could be stolen if not kept properly :thinking:

I always thought eastern schools has more strict rules than western schools so I’m not surprised while reading this.

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Yeah… but the other reason about “distracting the boys” is ridiculous.

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