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Yes, the next movie should be about the game characters coming to the real world but lol this wouldn’t hurt.

The Jumanji Board was thrown away but was soon picked up by someone. A group of friends gathered together to examine the board in the house of the one who found it. Suddenly, a cat jumped out of nowhere and accidentally triggered the game. The group of friends were sucked into the game, along with the cat. Curiosity killed the cat (the cat isn’t dead yet but might)

Not long after Jumanji: The Next Level, an anonymous group of people stole the jewel. Once again, you have to save Jumanji again, or stay in the game forever.

Each character has three lives. Good luck and don’t die. =)


~ Natasha/Nasha


~ Augustin | Personality


~ Angelina Ross
~ Sky


~ Keira Bronte


~ Alexia Gernes
~ Dakota Dawn Libenson (Dakota for short)


~ DeeDee Angelo
~ Angel


~ Emma Jackson
~ Maison ‘Mai’ Smith


~ Tasha


~ Laura Heart


~ Clara


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Strengths and weaknesses:

From 1-10, rate your character’s
Dance moves
Fear of heights
Fear of drowning
Fear of death

The character’s role in the game will be chosen after everyone signs up.


Sure, I would love to reserve a character!




I’ve just added the roleplays tag!


This looks interesting. Do I just give out the form here? :thinking::new_moon::dizzy:




Name: Nasha (from Natasha)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Nasha is very nice with people, and always thinks before she speaks. But she is very hot headed, and when she gets angry, she does things she might regret later. She is also getting anxious very easily, and avoids talking to new people, unless they are close friends of hers.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Strengths: Logic, music, running, good memory

Weaknesses: Ticklish (?), Clumsy, Gets easily scared

Faceclaim: I will post it later, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow or…

From 1-10, rate your character’s
Bravery 9
Cleverness 10
Strength 9
Dance moves 8
Speed 10
Stealth 9
Fear of heights 1
Fear of drowning 1
Fear of death 5

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I forgot to mention something.

This is mostly for me to see which role your character is suitable for. Some may change when your character goes into the game :eyes:

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I’ll reserve a character!

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Name: Augustin
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Strengths and weaknesses:

Strengths: Smart, Patient, Calm

Weaknesses: Not athletic, lazy, ambitious

From 1-10, rate your character’s
Bravery 7
Cleverness 7
Strength 3
Dance moves 3
Speed 4
Stealth 7
Fear of heights 1
Fear of drowning 1
Fear of death 1


Name: Angelina Ross
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Although she’s not very clever, she can use her brains sometimes if she wants to. Never doing what she is told to, she oftens do whatever she likes unless she feels like doing something or can’t talk her way out of something.
Despite having a love for sports, she hates the sun and the heat. She prefers to take a stroll out at night when it’s more cooler. She also loves watching movies, playing games and eating junk food.
As forgetful as she can be, she could forget anything she doesn’t see as important or forget important things after a few hours or days.

Strengths and weaknesses:
Strengths -
She can think of many different ways to prank someone… Better be sure you don’t mess with her! :slight_smile:
Weaknesses -
She is one who can’t sit still at a place for long and doesn’t have any patience whatsoever.
She is also afraid of betrayals by those whom she trusts and would put up a face before really trusting you so you might not know how she’s really like.


From 1-10, rate your character’s
Bravery 8
Cleverness 6
Strength 6
Dance moves 3
Speed 9
Stealth 7
Fear of heights 2
Fear of drowning 3
Fear of death 1

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Just reminding both of you that you haven’t written your character’s personality

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Oops :no_mouth::new_moon::dizzy:

I will just edit my previous post, if that’s okay.

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I loved the movies =3

Can I reserve a hooman?

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I’ll reserve a character :+1:t4:

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I’ll put one later, gtg.

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Can you write this a little longer?

and uhh… if these are his weaknesses, you still haven’t added his strengths.

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