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Hiii everyone! It’s been a while since I made a thread but I just had to make one about the Just Dance, I don’t know if people have any of them but I have 4 of them for the Wii including the 2020 one with songs like high hopes, bad guy, I don’t care and Taki Taki to dance on. It even has baby shark which I am sure people here recognize :eyes: Seriously tho I love this game the dances are challenging but not too challenging to not be fun anymore and it’s just really nice to do with friends or even alone as a kinda workout :rofl:

So do you have any Just Dance games and if you do which years and what are your favorite songs?


I have 2018 and 2019 for the Switch and I wanted to get the one of 2020 but it’s expensive and I only play Just dance once a year so I guess it’s not worth it…

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My friend has it and we okay it sometimes :eyes::sparkles: we like the crazy looking ones the most :smiley_cat::joy::eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

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I wnt them but I can’t have them. :sob:

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They have a Big Bang song and I’m proud :grinning:

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I USED TO LUV JUST DANCE. :purple_heart: :butterfly:

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I’ve played quite a few songs of the 2020 just dance for Wii and I’m so happy I bought it tbh, I think it’s better than the previous years and it has some great songs and nice dances! If anyone is doubting if they should get it, I would definitely advice you to go and buy it! At least in the Netherlands it was also way cheaper than previous years which is great!

Whoooh, I scored 5 stars, finally :partying_face:

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