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Hey, everyone :smiley:

If you need any help with characters, then here is the right place to request some help on it :blush:.

I am doing both ink and limelight. I can also make for you character in other version, meaning that if you want to ask me to make your ink characters in the limelight version OR you want me to create you a character whose look is based on a series’ character, then I will take your request.
After I finish, I’ll give you:

  • Your character(s) details
  • Outfit

So I want you to state your character’s:

Clothing Style:
What version? (Ink or LL)

In case it’s Limelight, then state if you want me to add:

Body Modification: piercing, tattoos.
Facial Mark: scars, mole, beauty mark, etc.

**I can help you with giving your character a name. Just state what’s the character’s ethnicity/race.

As always, there are RULES:

  • Please be patient.

  • Needless to say, DO NOT open any dramas here. This thread is not meant to be a place where you could spread your negativity in.

  • Do a favor and DON’T spam this thread with off-topic issues :imp:. Also, if you have anything to ask me that is not about making characters, then PM me.

  • If you want me to change something, ask me to redo for you.

  • NO strong language here.

Examples (you could ask me about the characters)

Waiting List

I don’t do episode anymore, but I love that you’re willing to help!

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Can you make a character based on a real life figure?

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Name: Oreste
Religion: Christian
Ethnicity/Race: Black lady with round eyes
Clothing Style: She’s actually a spy who visits parties so it should be like a party costume.
What version? (Ink or LL) LL

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No problem.

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Just to make sure, you mean like club parties?

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@veronique-jackson, your request is done :smile:

Please let me know if you want me to change something :blush: :


Skin Tone: Copper 07
Brows: Arched Thick Styled (color: Deep Brown)
Hair: Long Faux Hawk Solid (color: Brown Black) ; and if you want - hair down: Medium Shoulder Curly
Eyes: Round Medium (color: Brown Black)
Face Shape: Diamond Defined Contour
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Full Wide (color: Brown Neutral)


I have 2 outfits to give you, since I didn’t know which one you will like better -

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Thanks I’m grateful to you I’ll make it my mc

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Oh, I forgot to add a picture of the character! :grimacing: I will add, so you can see.

And of course. I am glad I could help :blush:

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bump. Anyone got characters?

I might need help with some characters.

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