Killing Off Characters

Killing off a character can be done for numerous reasons. It can be due to an RPer being inactive or losing interest in the character, due to reasons planned for the future plot of that and other characters, or due to choices made by the characters leading to their untimely demise.

So, killing off characters, yes or no?
What do you think about killing off a character? Are there circumstances that make it a good or a bad choice?
Have you ever killed a character off? If so, why and how?



I would say yes if the person wants it. If you want to do it because that person hasn’t played in a while, ‘archive’ them by for exp moving them all the way down to the fc’s. This way if someone is just busy that month but when they have time rejoin, they still have the character.

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Depends on the storyline. Sometimes the character has been developed and needs to just end. Others need a happy ending. And sometimes the author is in a crappy mood and feels like they wanna kill them off :joy:

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cough me

Yes - but depends on the character and the reason! I think it’s definitely doable - plus it makes for an interesting storyline!

It’s an emotional tug-of-war that makes the RP more interesting, especially if it’s a character you enjoy. And as said before, as long as it’s not a BS reason to why they died (ate a bad hot dog - some of you may get that reference :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m good with it!

Yes! The last RP I killed a character off in was a supernatural RP where the character’s power stemmed from the sun. So I made it that as the sun is slowly dying, she was as well. However, I did a twist at the end in that apparently the owner of the institute of supernaturals had been drugging her to speed up the process and that she wasn’t supposed to die.

Suffice to say people hated me for that one :skull_and_crossbones:

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YES, absolutely. As long as proper reason is given and it actually adds to the story you’re trying to tell. It can’t just be for “drama”.

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kill them all

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Off with their heads-

Killing off a character can be a great thing, especially if it adds or affects the characters or the general plot itself. Example, itt can be interesting if the death of a roleplay character affected another, then that another caused great destruction or something to the roleplay! Or… it just is a mandatory for the RP
Yeah, it can be a bad choice if you just do it for fun or for no reason at all.



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I mean…if the person wants. I personally don’t, but you do you.

I personally dislike killing characters. Just not something I do often cause. Especially killing off characters then reviving them, I think that’s a cheap tactic to get emotions pulled on. The only exception I really have to that is if they don’t see them die or they can’t identify the body or so on. I wouldn’t condemn a person for doing it since it’s their character and it’s for their entertainment, just not my preference. I don’t really get emotional over a character’s death other than when it’s something that other characters can’t possibly stop. I think a character death that has the possibility of being stopped would actually get an emotional reaction out of me, otherwise, I just feel salty that they died XD
But people do how they do. The only time I’ve killed a character is when I legit showed that something a different character was doing was physically hurting them, but, they kept doing it so bam dead XD
Overall, the most important thing is that you stay hydrated and have a good day XD





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… do you also kill…

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