Last anime you saw

As the title says.

For me It would be the misfit of the demon King academy


Does mermaid melody pichi pichi pich count as an anime :thinking::joy:

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A bumblebee

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probably kimetsu no yaiba

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Ohhh I read animal :rofl:


I don’t usually like anime but I’ve been watching Koi for producer (Mr love Queen’s Choice) because of my obsession with the game ;3

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures…

Seven deadly sins :eyes:

Soul Eater

Still Soul Eater.

Digimon adventure 2020 reboot

I don’t watch anime but I tried it out once for a friend since they seemed to love it. It was really boring in my opinion, but that’s probably because it was fantasy and fantasy isn’t something that interests me. it was 3 years ago

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Lastest anime I’ve watched was Hunter x Hunter.

I started watching seven deadly sins…again

Blue Exorcist! I recommend it. It’s kinda scary, though.

I finished Demon Slayer recently now I’m on my hero academia (I got up to date on the manga recently)

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I wish I could read manga.

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I can recommend the Shonen Jump app but it’s subscription based but it’s pretty cheap :joy:

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