Last thing you did game

quoted straight from @elish on the EF

so in this game you ask someone the last thing they did based on a certain topic (last episode story they read, last movie they watched, etc.) hope that makes sense, i’ll start.

last thing you ate?


Chicken sandwich :smiley:

Last thing you smelt?

Uhhhh- air? I can’t remember?

Last dream you had?

It was basically FMA Brotherhood but with physical people and me :thinking:

Last dessert you had?

Cupcake. :yum:

Last book you read?

good question
Uh I think it was Wonder :thinking:
Wait are we counting Manga too?
If so then Phantom Tales of the Night volume 5

Last anime you watched?

I think No Game No Life

Last time you watched the news?

This morning

Last movie you watched?

Cinderella 2.

Last manga you bought?

Phantom tales of the night volume 6 :thinking:

Last clothing item you got?


Last brand you bought?


Last thread you’ve been?

Can’t remember

Last time you took a selfie?

#forumgames tag added :innocent:

And I have no idea… A long time ago
Last time you drank tea?

Like 4 hours ago-

Last time you played among us

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1 week ago

Last time you ate an apple

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A few days ago maybe like at 5dec wow

Last time you robbed a bank :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::sunglasses:

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2 hours ago :yawning_face:

Last time you committed murder?

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10 minutes ago
Last time you died?

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1 year ago

Last time you listened to first place by Larray?