Learn the alphabet with... Videos

If anyone else loves watching those ‘Learn the alphabet with [insert band/character/person here]’ videos on YouTube or TikTok, discuss and/or share your favourite ones here!


cackles YES. The MHA ones are fun.

A is for…“AAAAHHHHH!!!” :joy::joy:

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Learn the Alphabet from Ains to Zenberu

I gotta find more.

Found this one today

OMG, nice videos,guys!

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Gotta find more.

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they are with the new She-Ra. I think my favorite one out of the ones I just looked up is the one that has spoilers so I’m not going to share, but I’ve also seen some with just one character.

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“M is for…”
Me: practically screams Nooooo!

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Here my favorite from blue clues learn alphabet in sign language .

I need to find more.


I’ll probably find more tomorrow. Stay tuned.

This is a thing… on the forums? HAHAHAHAHA


Yes, I love them so much. You can find them for basically any fandom.

Yep :joy:

I love watching them on TikTok and YouTube so I made a thread for people to share their favourites!

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Mostly frequented by me, lol.

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