Let’s talk about Breast change

No not in a sexual way before anyone asks. I mean in a health way and the importance of checking your breasts for any abnormal changes.

And it’s kinda hard to get anything checked out by a doctor these days because of the pandemic. I’ve been ghosted and fobbed off.

Share your health tips/experiences on how to keep your breasts in good shape and the method you use to check them. Are you the shower kind or stand in front of the mirror kind? Or other?

And have you ever seen or felt anything abnormal? Like a lump?


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Umm not to my knowing :thinking:

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It’s not always obvious and sometimes only a mammogram can feel what you can’t. Also redness and any extra dimpling is something to look out for.

And thanks for the tag I was looking off it

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I don’t really think reducing breasts or reducing is sexual :thinking:
It could just be because it makes some people comfortable.

No I haven’t ever :thinking: I’ll try looking this up.

There’s really good techniques on google about how to do checks x

Not that I can recall.

I do believe that this is important as having abnormalities can be a sign of cancer and if it is, then the sooner it’s caught, the better.

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