Let's share on your working experience

Hey everybody! :wave:

So, I’ve been missing lately; being in the forums and on my story writing on Episode… that’s because I had finally started working full time… well… for more than a month now :sweat_smile:

Due to this hectic full time job, I no longer write any new stories (I practically stopped writing 2 months before I started working :joy:), and I was spending more time in here, and just being present on social media… so yeah, I had been slacking off before I began working hahah :joy:

It’s my day off for the week, so I am making full use of it here. :grin:

So, some of you may know what I am working as. I wish not to type it out here for the time being :sweat_smile:

Just a teeny tiny hint, it’s not a regular 8am to 5pm weekday job :upside_down_face:

Well, my working experience had been… crazy, I guess. Was this my dream job? Not exactly, but once I started studying for this course in university, I already knew what was I going to face. The phrase ‘easier said than done’ is really true. You believe that you could do it before stepping into your working career… but in the end, it’s really tough.
The sacrifices you have to make in order to ‘survive’ during work is really crazy. In just a month of working, this had really tire me out physically, emotionally, mentally and every other aspects as well. Me being single and not being responsible to support my family had still taken the toll on me. I really do respect working people whom are either married, commited to their family, or maybe raising children, especially infants and toddlers. I’m certain to start off, it will really be rocky, but later on, once they get the hang on time management, they can totally multitask.
I am only just a month in at work, but seeing this makes me want to be fit in every aspect and try my very best to work as diligently as I could.

Well, I am certain that I can mention a lot more… but let’s just stop here, and prevent myself from blabbering even more. :rofl:
Simply put, working life doesn’t mean it’s the ultimate end after your studying life. It’s yet another learning process as well, but with getting more responsibilites and getting paid obv :joy::joy::joy:
Have I gotten my pay yet… nope! Lol :woozy_face::crazy_face:

Anyways… I would love to hear your full-time working experiences, if you have. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m certain you will definitely have a different perspective of work comparing to mine.

Hope every single one of you is having an amazing day! Take care always and stay safe :grin:

Lynn Ann :kissing_heart:


I had quite a few jobs
Rn I’m unemployed I quit my job like a month ago and now we’re on lockdown again so I can’t seem to find a new job…
But yeah
Fun times


“i am self emp-”
*person on date wu * “thank u, next”

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Last year, I had my regular middle school teaching job, plus a test prep high school group twice a week in the afternoons and private tutoring with a kid.

Once lockdown started, I couldn’t give the afternoon jobs anymore, so I kind of went broke. But now, I have a part-time job from 9:00-10:30 AM in a preschool via Zoom, then my regular job, and private tutoring with two different kids that live here in my apartment complex.
I haven’t been able to write much lately, either… nor have I been that inspired to continue my current story. :disappointed:


Guess all of us were affected by the lockdown. My job was suppose to begin early of this year, but due to this, I’ve only started out almost 2 months ago.

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Can I just go back to being unemployed


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I’ve never worked before :thinking: was planning to get a job last summer but thanks to covid, it never happened

@Discussions do you guys have anything to share?

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Yeah, yeah, it’s alright. I’ve had several jobs (6 in total, I think) and as long an you get along well with your boss, that’s what makes it better/more enjoyable. I actually left my previous job in March due to middle-management, after 9 months there and that was the shortest-term job I’ve had. HA

I used to volunteer at elementary school and church. The church was my favorite meeting new friends even play piano for senior during lunch bunch. Plus church also games me candy like 2 pounds of peanut butter cup as well as dark chocolate yummy.

Now I’m don’t have a job yet but I don’t mind teaching kids piano or become a gamer

I’m back in the classroom doing hybrid teaching. Fridays are the only days all kids stay at home and take online classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I prepare a group of students to take the KEY Cambridge Certification Exam, and I also tutor a few kids in the afternoons.

I got my first job this year working at a small restaurant. It’s part time, 2-3 hours and only two days a week. I don’t make much but it’s something. It’s fine most of the times, but today it was the worst.

We had bugs and don’t worry the exterminators came. But I had forgotten to clean the back bathrooms (that nobody ever used so I guess that’s why I never really did it lol) and then that’s where all the bugs, cockroaches, etc were and it was so gross i had to mop and clean it, and had to pick a dead cockroach up and put it in the trash.

I make lots of mistakes. I mean, I’ve forgotten to clock out twice, I didn’t clean the back bathroom like ever, I’ve given customers the wrong things… I’m hoping this is normal lol.
What I do like is that I’m better at talking to people now from dealing with customers. Most of them are pretty nice tbh. My managers are too, and so is my boss.

So overall it’s okay, some gross moments but yeah.

You’re new to this and you don’t work every day full time to be super used to it yet so I’m sure its normal to not do everything correctly yet. Just focus and try not to rush so you don’t make mistakes.

Hopefully you aren’t the only one responsible for the back bathroom hahahha.

I’m a 3rd grade teacher.

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