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So, I was scanning through the tag and saw the family tag, that made me realize that there isn’t any threads to talk about our families.

Personally, my family means a lot to me. Mainly my mom, grandmother and my sister. I just never was extremely close with my dad but I still love him.

So, are you close with your direct family? And what about like a bit more distant family like uncles and aunts? Do you have a big family? What do you enjoy to do with your family, and what completely annoys you in them? Do you forgive family easier because they are family?

This are all topics you can talk about here :purple_heart:


I have a mom, dad, EmilyJunkie, another 20 year old sister, a 15 year old brother, a 7 year old brother and a one year old brother

My family is quite small and I’m close with most of them :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

I live with my mom, and we’re super close. My dad died when I was 15, and I don’t have any siblings. I have a cousin that lives next door. She’s married and has 2 kids, and I’m also very close with them. They’re my favorite people in the universe.
My mom comes from a very large family but they live very far away, so I only see them every 3 years or so.

I have my parents, and 3 sisters.

My family is really big, I have 1 brother and lots of cousins. Since my parents divorced family split in half and I have way better relationship with relatives on my mums side.

Almost all my relatives live in India, I only see them once every few years. :rose::two_hearts:


They’re driving me insanse. Just stuck in a apartment with all 6 of them.

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In my family there is (the ones that live in my house)
•My older brother
•My older sister
•My younger sister
•My other younger sister
•My younger brother.
•My mum
•And my dad

I get along with my older sister, my mum and all my younger siblings more than my older brother and dad.
I don’t usually talk to my brother a lot and my dad is just not a good person.

The things they do that annoy me hmmm.
•When my older sister leaves our room a mess.
•When everyone in the bloody household makes a mess of the house.
•Anything my father does annoys me
•When my younger siblings always mess up my bed right after i’ve just made it :triumph:


Has staying inside for such a long time affected your relationship with your family? :eyes::sparkles:

It’s definitely put some strain on my relationship with my family to be stuck together while all of us can’t really do anything outside. It’s not fun.

Added some tags! :sparkles:

@Discussions ~ What’s your relationship like with your family?


Do we include what our therapists have told us? :wink:


Kind of neutral. They are controlling and kind of homophobic, which is why I haven’t come out to them yet, but still… they aren’t abusive. I do appreciate I have parents don’t whole ass suck, but I do wish they laid off a bit.

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