Let's Talk About Lineless Art

Hey, let’s talk about lineless art.

So, what is lineless art? Lineless art is art where you basically use lines in the color of your coloring, which makes the art look like it has no lines at all. Personally, a big part of my art is lineless, I love the fact it makes it look softer in some way.

Example of lineless art (only the eyes aren’t)

As always, I have some questions to help with getting the conversation started.

What’s your opinion on lineless art?
Have you ever made lineless art?
If you have, why did you choose to make it lineless? If you haven’t, would you consider trying it, if you would, for what type of drawing would you use it?


I love it and it’s currently my primary style! :star_struck:

I don’t know, sorta just developed that style over the years.


Yeey, haha, it’s nice to see another artist whose primary style is lineless here :eyes: I love your art, haha, I really believe that with your style lineless is the best way to go, lines would just distract from the shading and stuff


I never use lines besides for eyelashes with my lash brush although i need a new one coz it’s not that great right now


Owh thank u a lot!! :crazy_face::two_hearts:
I also love the example you provided! It’s a really nice style! :raised_hands:t3:


You’re welcome, and thank you :pleading_face::purple_heart: Took me ‘‘only’’ like 2 years to figure out my own style :joy:

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Haha same - I still don’t have a style! :clown_face:
I really like how you executed the hair!


Lol, when I look at your art I can clearly see its from the same person tho, so I would say that is a style for sure :thinking:
Ahh, thanks, actually, in most of your work that’s my favorite part, haha.


Really? I thought they weren’t that connected! :clown_face: But I wish I’d seen more of your art! :smirk:
What??? I feel like the hair always ruins everything! :crazy_face:

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Twis awesome!

Yes! At least half of my work is lineless.

I want it to look more realistic or I didn’t feel black lines suited it well.

I like looking at lineless art, but it doesn’t fit my art style to draw without lines :eyes::sparkles:

I think that the best things about lineless art are that people won’t noice if you accidentally draw over the line and that it can look more realistic :eyes::sparkles:


As a person who fears lines I do like lineless art even though I don’t do it myself :joy:

What about you guys?



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Why? And does that mean that all letters scare you because they’re made of lines? :eyes::eyes:

Lineless art, it’s a really cool art style!

I think it’s cool!

I do, they are on my ig!

It makes it more realistic. Although there are strong edges and soft edges, I don’t think I can see a bold outline (espefially black) around an object.

What on Earth is lifeless art, @CerealKiller?

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