Let's talk about One Piece!

One Piece is a popular shounen manga and anime series written by Eiichiro Oda. It’s the best-selling manga series of all time with 470 million copies in in print worldwide, selling 100 million collected tankōbon volumes by February 2005, and over 200 million by February 2011 (this is according to Wikipedia). It began in 1997 and is still running with over 900 chapters.

I grew up with One Piece and it’s really my favorite not just because of its story but because of its different aspects. I normally dislike reading long stories I’m so sorry because it usually includes unnecessary scenes, but One Piece—obviously—is an exception for me. I think every scene of it is necessary, as it tells us the growth of Luffy and his pirate crew which will tell us why they are where they are right now. Aside from the story itself, I also like Oda’s worldbuilding and how he makes his characters. The world of One Piece is unique and well-made, and he always makes his characters unforgettable and lovable. Should I say I’m being fake to Akainu

When people ask me for anime or manga recommendations, I always think of One Piece first; however, some people just refuse reading or watching it because it’s long, which kinda frustrates me but it’s actually kinda understandable lol.

Anyway, enough of me talking here. Do you like One Piece? Do you watch the anime or read the manga… or maybe both? What are your opinions about it? Would you recommend it to your friends? :eyes:


I want to start watching it but I’ve only read the very first manga chapter or what it was :joy:


Omg I have only played the game and it’s like my favorite game ever :joy:

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This, by the way, makes it the third best-seeling comic series i history, with only Batman and Superman narrowly beating it out :eyes: It overtook Spiderman for that spot, and unlike those other character comics, One Piece has never been rebooted and has been going for a fraction of the time - only since 1997!

Same! I watched the anime when I was a wee boi and got into the manga back in 2010 :smiley: It’s one of the biggest inspirations for my own story!

The One Piece anime is really bad for this unfortunately. It drags out single manga pages to like 4 minutes of screentime and has a fair amount of filler (though not as much as other shonen anime) which can ake the whole thing a bit unwatchable :sweat_smile: I love the opening sequences, the first 100 or so episodes and the current Wano arc seems to be going pretty well in the anime too. But… All in all the manga is simply superior.

Straw Hats for life :sunglasses: Who’s your favourite Straw Hat? :eyes: Not counting Luffy mine is Nico Robin personally

Oda’s worldbuilding is quite frankly second to none :joy: Like, the fact that what seems to be the endgame villain of the series, Im was only introduced during the Reverie arc is insane. Or how Luffy and his main narrative foil: Blackbeard have only ever met three times in total for a grand total of like 10 pages together, they have such a massive far-reaching effect on the world and on each other! It’s insane, but every aspect of One Piece’s world is developed to a similar extremely high degree.

Like, I could name any major island and I’m pretty sure someone who has only read or watched the series once could tell me intricacies on its layout that most shows wouldn’t go into for a single area. Like, Enies Lobby! It’s drowned in perpetual sunlight, over the edge of a cavernous abyss with the enormous Gates of Judgment behind it. These gates lead into a current that links the three major Governmental facilities, Impel Down, Enies Lobby and Marineford.

Or Thriller Bark. There’s the moat that surrounds the inland area where the Cerberus lives, then the graveyard with the zombies and as you go further inland it takes you to the mansion where Hogback lives and Gecko Moria’s castle, which also happens to be a giant mast and sail.

Every island has this much depth and more :joy:

I can tell people I just got finished reading chapter 988 and they’ll be like “Oh hell no” :joy::joy:

But the fact is, One Piece is worth the time investment. It’s one of the most finely crafted narrative experiences I’ve ever had.

I hope I’ve made it clear I love One Piece a lot :joy: While my favourite manga can sometimes vary depending on my mood, One Piece will always be my pick for the best manga ever.

Both, baby :sunglasses:
I love openings, music and animation. I’ll usually watch certain episodes to see my favourite moments in motion. Zoro’s “nothing happened”, Luffy punching the Celestial Dragon or the battle against Katakuri are personal favourites of mine.
But I’m a manga boi, through and through. Been reading since Sabaody Archipelago was coming out weekly and I’m currently reading through the whole thing again :joy: I’m on Fishman Island :sunglasses:

I do! :sob: All the time!

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It’s true he really does👀


I’ve not watch anime in a long time

Indeed :sunglasses:

Zoro is my favorite.

That’s exactly what I tell the people who ask recommendations from me, but they’re still like “No, it’s too long. Recommend me something else.” I mean, is that even a reason? :’)

Really? :0 How many times have you done that? Now, that’s what we call investment. I’m actually also planning on reading the whole manga again because it’s One Piece and why not :sunglasses:

It’s been bad for that since Sabaody :sob:

Mmmm yes the first mate :heart_eyes_cat:. Gosh I love Zoro too

That’s the problem when One Piece is right up someone’s alley but they just refuse to get into it because of the length :joy: Even though the manga isn’t that comparatively long compared to other pieces of media people intake. You could watch every single Marvel film in the same amount of time. Or even Supernatural. It would take less time than those if you read quickly. So silly :joy:

This will be my third :joy: The Wano arc has gotten me so hyped about the story!

I recommend the Shonen Jump app if you don’t already have it :eyes: I love reading it smoothly on my phone

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Me too! What really made me excited the most is the introduction of “Im”!

Thank you!

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That shot with Im and that giant straw hat tho. What the frick

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Right?! It really gives me chills every single time! Also Im’s existence really gave a big impact to what people already know of WG :eyes:

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Yes!! Like, the gorosei were already a mysterious but obviously powerful group of what we assume are celestial dragons? The bald one with the sword is especially rad :joy:

But then out of nowehere we get Im. Gosh those couple of pages were insane

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Omo yes! Everything’s getting crazier with the every exposure given to us! Also the fact that there are specific wanted posters that Im seems to have taken an interest in is intriguing by itself.

yes :laughing:

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Blackbeard and Luffy, sure, but he gonna touch Vivi :sob: That upsets me, I love Vivi

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Shirahoshi being one of them is understandable, but she’s too much of a treasure :'0 And also the fact that Im held on to an undestroyed picture of Vivi speaks something :eyes:

I also wonder about Doflamingo. He has a scene before Im and the large strawhat, right? I wonder what he knows and what his role is or why he knows about it. So intriguing.

Oda is such a mastermind. One Piece is full of mysteries!

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She is :pleading_face: such a cute little giant mermaid

:thinking: Tru, he stabbed the hell out of the pictures of Luffy and Blackbeard

Yes! He knew something about the “treasure” beneath Mariejois! How odd :sob: I wanna know more about Doffyyyyyyy.

He got dominated by Gear 4 tho

You mean like those giant monsters in the Florian Triangle that we still know nothing about :eyes:

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She’s too pure to be involved in all of these :’(

It’s really intriguing that the other pictures were, like, tortured or something but the other is not… AND THAT’S WHILE IM WAS WALKING UP THE STAIRS

I really wonder what their issue is with Vivi.

Yes! That scene with him really started the hype! Ahhh I’m freaking out-

Really bad :laughing:

gasp Yes :eyes:

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She really is :'c

Such an adorable ancient weapon

Let’s not forget how ingenious the scene setup was. You see Im catching the butterfly gently, like he’s actually a kind and nice person, then it pans to those wanted posters with the knife marks indicating a violence about Im ready to just burst forth.

Then to finish it off you see a visual representation of Im’s stature and placement above everyone else as he walks up the stairs and takes his place on the throne. Then the gaze of this terrifying entity lingers on Vivi. A character Oda knows full well we all love to pieces. And all of that is conveyed visually :sob:

Oda so good at his job


I mean, the recent stuff with Kaido has been making me freak out too :joy:

Luffy only really started to struggle using Gear 4 with Katakuri, huh? :joy:

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Exactly! That scene just always send chill down my spine!

Oda knows how to play with our emotions :laughing:

Yes!!! Everything is going crazy now! I can’t wait for the next chapter release xD

When everybody though Sanji was gonna stay with the girlies tho-

I mean… that man can literally see the future :laughing:

He does at that

Right?? I mean the Oden flashback was crazy enough. Roger versus Whitebeard then our first time seeing the Roger pirates landing on Laughtale? Was nuts!

When my mans was actually the hero of the whole dang story

What was more impressive was Luffy straight-up learning that just by watching him :joy:

Also, is it a hot take to say the Katakuri fight is probably the best in the entire series? Manga or anime? :thinking:

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Yesss! There’s so much happening!

Greatest plot twist in all of history-

Exactly :joy: Luffy be really observant, though xD

It is… yet. at least for me xD

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