Let's talk about shoes đź‘ź

We previously had a thread kinda about shoes, but I wanted to do it more from a fashion point of view.

Some questions to give some inspiration:

  • What’s your shoe size?
  • How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  • What types, like sneakers, boots etc.?
  • What’s your favourite pair you own?
  • What would be your dream pair of shoes?
  • Do you see shoes as a fashion item or do you wear them simply for comfort and because you have to?
  • Do you think shoes are worth spending 100s of dollars on?

My shoe size is a 40 European and 7.5 US size. I actually own quite a few pairs of shoes, between 15 and 20. I have a couple of pairs of sneakers, boots, 2 pairs of heels and some sandals and hiking shoes basically, so quite a diverse selection. My favourites I own are these:

That’s why one day I really want to buy dr. martens, just the simplest ones. Like this:

In general I like kinda simple shoes, but I try to fit it with my outfit, so I guess they kinda are a fashion element :woman_shrugging: I don’t spend a whole lot of money on shoes tho, the most expensive pair I’ve ever bought were 60 euros


Dunno :woman_shrugging:t3:

Probably 3…?

Boots and heels :star_struck:

Uh… not sure

For fashion, obviously!

Nope, cause hundred dollars are a lot in rupees and I don’t wanna spend 70,000 rps on them. Buuuuut, if you’re rich or you really like the pair of shoes, go for it.

I’m a 6!

Uhh 4 pairs altogether!

I have 2 pairs of converse, one black one red I wear those normally because they’re comfy and just rad tbh. I also have a pair of chelsea boots and purple patent leather doc marten boots.

I’d say my patent leather purple doc martens but they rub like crazy :joy:

Probably just some big black boots with a bit of a chunky heal

Bit of both really! I don’t tend to wear shoes around the house so when I do wear shoes I tend to think of the purpose. I’ll wear my chelsea boots to special occasions because the slight heal makes my legs look good, especially with fishnets. Or I’ll wear my doc martens on other occasions depending on if the special occasion requires alot of walking (because of the rubbing). But my red and black converse just get worn whenever.

Meh not to me personally but for a treat every once in a while maybe? I don’t tend to judge people for their purchases, if you see an expensive pair of shoes you like and you think they’ll make you happy, most importantly you can afford it, then sure go for it.

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Usually a 7-7.5 depends on the shoe

I’m not quite sure and I’m too lazy to go check but I think I have around 4 but tbh I pretty much only use 2 of them

All of the above
Except for sneakers my sneakers got ruined so I do need to get new ones
But I have a pair of sandals (kinda like Birkenstock’s but not original) , black doc Martens (also not original), black boot heels and idk what else but I think I have kinda tall black boots which I don’t like but I have them somehow anyway and another pair of heels that I never wore because heels aren’t really my thing ngl

The fake black doc martens for sure

Don’t think I have one I don’t actually mind shoes that much
But I want to get a pair of black old school vans I like those

Depends on the shoe, depends on the occasion.

Not really but it’s fun
That’s why all my shoes are technically fake
I guess I just usually can’t afford to waste my money on these kinds of things if there’s no need for it :woman_shrugging:t4:
I do want to tho

who needs em

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Mood tho

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Europe 38, don’t know about the US size?

14 I think! And my mom has some sneakers we share!

My “Dr. Martens” and my black, leather Convers!

Fashion :sweat_smile: I have to fit my shoes with my outfits

Ugh, I don’t know! You can’t really buy good shoes here that are under 100e

Mexico 4, USA 7, and Europe 24? I think.

A lot, but there are many pairs I don’t wear. I own at least 10 pairs. Shoes are one of the things I waste a lot of money on because I buy shoes thinking that they fit well and feel good, only to discover after walking around in them that I don’t feel comfortable in them.

My favorite pair of shoes that I own are probably these tall black leather boots.

I have two pairs of sneakers, a few boots, flats for work, about five pairs of heels, and a couple of pairs of sandals.

Heels that are both fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

A little bit of both.

Not really, because they wear out too quickly. I prefer spending money on clothes.

I have a lot of shoes I can’t count at this point

7.5 ladies/5.5 men’s

I have no idea. A lot.

I have a pair of sneakers, 2 pairs of heeled boots, combat boots, a pair of running shoes I used for physio, my church/choir shoes, assorted flip-flops, jazz shoes and character shoes (if we’re counting dance shoes in this)

Either my black Converse sneakers or my combat boots.

I really want a pair of Docs

Depends on the shoe really. Some, like high heels, I see as a fashion item, but others, like sneakers, should be for comfort.

For clout, not really. For quality, totally.

imagine wearing shoes

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Honestly shoes are so overrated anyway.

Jk :smiley:

Don’t know :woman_shrugging:

Um, maybe like 7-8

Sneakers, sandals and slippers (ballet style)

My blue canvas sneakers

Don’t really have one

I wear them simply for comfort, but in a way I also see them as a fashion item.

Not really


A lot, but I don’t use most of them

1 pair of heels
1 pair of character shoes
Like 6 jazz shoes that don’t match
1 pair of tap shoes
2 sets of flip flops
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of plain black (not all-black) converse
1 pair of hiking boots

Sneakers and boots are the best

Something like this would be awesome :pleading_face:

Depends on the shoe :sweat_smile: I tend to go for comfort, but shoes can do multiple things

Above 200 dollars seems crazy for shoes

I am browsing the website of dr. Martens now, just looking at which exact shoes I want to buy. There are soooo many pairs I absolutely love and wish I could buy

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i just need to buy out their whole stock :pleading_face:

I dont even wear shoes now-

9, 10,11
oof big feet :laughing: but it really depends on the make of the shoes

a good bit

sneakers, heels, flats,

the flats dem

I have no idea… maybe some nice boots

I wear them to protect my feet

yeah some of them. nd they end up lasting long on me.

Added #shoes tag.

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