Let's Talk Game Nights

Game Nights; what are they?!

Is just a potluck dinner or dinner party with games as the entertainment. The key is social interaction, as it would be with any dinner party with friends.

  • Have you ever had or been to one?
  • What do you think of them?
  • Would you like to participate in them?
  • What sort of games have you played or would you play?



Yes, they’re a lot of fun to do with friends :eyes:

I really like them! I think that playing games can be a lot of fun, and it’s fun to get together with a group of your friends to play games. There are also game nights that are hosted by locations or are otherwise a lot more general than just a small group of people meeting at someone’s house, which can also be interesting to do.

D&D works well because it’s a good game that lasts a long time. Other than that, pretty much any game that I don’t already know I dislike I’ll be willing to test out.

  • Have you ever been to a game night?
  • Do you prefer playing board games with your friends or just hanging out?
  • What game do you think is the best to play with friends?
  • Do you think game nights would be better if everyone were playing a video game rather than a board game?
  • What kind of snacks are best for game nights? :eyes:

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The only thing with this is that I dislike learning a game on a games night, 'cause I always find you spend way too long learning the game and not actually playing. Especially when no one knows the game properly and you’re all learning together.

Board games

I really love Munchkin


Junk food

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oh yeah, it definitely makes playing a game take a while when no one knows what’s going on with them

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Yeah, it does.

Hey @Discussions, have you gotten together with family or friends pre/post-COVID to have a games night? What was it like? What’d you play?

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No, never.

They seem to be a lot of fun with the right people!

Yes! At least try it once.

@Gamers What about you?

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Time to gather your friends to try one?

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My one friend who lives close enough to do that doesn’t like playing games all evening :sweat_smile:

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Awwwww. Why not?

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I guess she just doesn’t like playing games in general :woman_shrugging: But maybe I’ll find some strangers to have a game night with :joy:

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Strangers? Be careful.

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Of course :joy: I’ll get to know them first before having a game night.

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HAHA. Good.

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