[Limelight] Wolves! Art Release 8/5/21

Hello All!

We’re howling over these new wolves! Transform by moonlight or run in the forest with these new fuzzy friends!

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Dog Body Type
Wolf Timber

Limelight Generic Female, Plus Female, and Generic Male Animations

Limelight Dog Animation

Limelight Generic Female Clothing
Boot Stiletto Thigh High Leather Silver
Cold Shoulder Frilled Top Dress Cotton Navy Blue
Open Zipped Up Waist Tied Dress Leather Grey Black
Striped Default Outfit Halter
Revenge Outfit Choker Velvet Black
Cropped Short Sleeve Cardigan Wool Complex Color
Low Top Sneakers Canvas Complex Color
Racer Back Tank Cotton Complex Color
Heart Shaped Side Strap Bag Pleather Complex Color

Limelight Generic Male Clothing
Rolled Sleeve Half Unbuttoned Shirt Silk Orange True
Sl Strapped Heeled Sandals Suede Grey Black
Sleeveless Shirt Cotton
Wooden Resin Pendant Wood Blue
Zippered Cargo Shorts Polyester Green Army
Single Pouch Backpack Leather Complex Color

We’re skipping the Wish List this week to bring you the wolves! It’ll be back next week.

As always, please let us know if you have any issues with these items. We will update this post once the items have all been released.

With love,
The Episode Team

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I can’t believe they added Wolves before cats.
Like, Wolves?!?!


Well, they had dogs already.


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