Lo fi music appreciation

Lo fi, which stands for low frequency, is music that has imperfections, such as skips, hums, background noise and distortions. I enjoy listening to it.

Please enjoy. @Music


I now have so many Lo fi videos on watch later on YouTube. Will post if you’re interested. I found some nice Halloween ones.

I would listen to lofi, but I usually do that while in the bath, and I have to shower due to my pelvis. My mom bought a shower chair, and she has to help me.

Good news! I should be able to use the bathtub soon, so I can go back to enjoying lo fi.

Anime lo-fi is my favorite, what about you? @Music

Oh, so lo-fi makes for good study or work music?

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Yeah! It’s quiet instrumental music. Have you listened to any?

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Ah, right. Cool. Yeah, it’s relaxing.

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