Looking for beta readers

Hey evryone, I am about to publish a story on wattpad, I have finished a few chapters.

And would appreciate if someone would read it through, and give me advice on how it can be improved.

stuff like, where is boring, where I explain to much, and where it doesn’t have enough explanation. and what els may be of opinion?

the story is a fantasy.

This is my description, though I am gonna write a new one before I publish, : A cursed prince, she is the solution, but when she demands the impossible, will he have the ability to refuse?


How soon would you need those chapters read?

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I am in no rush.

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Depending on how long those chapters are, I could help you! I’m just quite busy in the next two weeks :sweat_smile:

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Their not too long, we can do it chapter by chapter maybe, so you wont have to do all at once. I have 3 finished and the prologue.

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Added tags to the thread!