Major film turn offs

That reminds me of…

365 days :nauseated_face:

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:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:that was such a waste of time

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I hate when a film is just boring and has nothing going for it :eyes:

I also just don’t like watching movies with a lot of kissing scenes because it feels weird to be watching characters making out constantly

When there’s unnecessary romance :expressionless:


Love me some unnecessary romance

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when the movie is set in the present day :nauseated_face:
or all of the characters cant dress
or if its christian. tbh all christian-based art is kinda bad bcos they make the whole thing about “the message” and then its just flat
when the humor is cringe
when none of the characters are hot lol. i need a designated crush or im not watching

Priorities, amirite?

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yes ma’am

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The only thing I agree with is the one about humor being cringe… I can’t stand movies where things that are supposed to be funny don’t make me laugh one bit.

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If the acting is so obviously cringe and unbelievable :star_struck:

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  • When dialogues are s**t.
  • When the characters start acting out of character so suddenly.
  • In an action movie, if the action scenes are not well-coordinated, the viewer will not be able to understand it.
  • Cliches. I don’t like cliches.
  • When the characters are too perfect. If you don’t have realistic or flawed characters in your movie, then I will find the movie boring no matter how good the plot is because people won’t be able to relate.
  • A movie with bad pacing i.e. straightaway jumping to climax or just moving roundabout in circles stretching the story unnecessarily.
  • Too much CGI and green screen effects rather than actual story-telling. I’m sorry but no matter how much money you put into generating over-the-top visual effects, your movie or TV show will flop if there is no material plotline (ahem ahem GoT season 8, I am looking at you).
  • Music at unnecessary moments. Sometimes we just need the actor’s acting to depict their emotions and not violins and pianos to set the mood.
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When the character picks the guy/girl that threats her/him/them like shit and not the one that treat her/he/they like she’s/he’s/they special and actually matters to them :unamused:

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I stop watching when the plot seems so predictable and I can’t connect with any of the characters.

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uR muH kWeeN ~ Jon Snow


you know nothing



cough every netflix rom-com cough

Here are some things that make me want to stop watching a movie:

  • When the actors only use their voices to show emotion - this is mostly in kid’s movies/movies starring kids but they always lay it on too thick and I find it really annoying
  • Sudden plot twists that make absolutely no sense (bonus points if it had to do with the unnecessary b plot)
  • Crappy set design (even in a low-budget film, there are ways to make the set look good)

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