Make a Soundtrack!

Alright, the gist of this game is pretty easy. Basically, I would make up a movie plot for a film or tv show in which other users would come up with songs that would match the plot. We will be building our own soundtracks while having fun coming up with plots. Anyone can come up with a plot but you have to come up with music for every plot plus take turns as well.


Not the greatest one but it will do for now.

Movie plot: Gladiators survive the hard life of being warriors.

Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Official Music Video) - YouTube
Last One Standing - YouTube
EPIC ROCK | ''Warrior'' by Jaxson Gamble - YouTube

First Plot

You are being chased inside a dark forest by some kind of creature. Every second you can hear the creature closing in on you with every step you make.


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wait do we do one at a time or do three then give a new plot?
or one song at a time?

for in case it’s one at a time:

Two others that fit:

Sorry, I have a lot for this one haha:


@Konix you’d be great at this!


I would say about 3-4 songs per user should be good for making a soundtrack. You can make one post at a time or do multiple entries in one post.


This song would be a great choice for a horror movie because the song goes “Just the two of us” and in a horror movie in a scene where you hide because you know the THING is near and try not to make a sound, you hear this music playing around your head, slightly muffled, but the meaning and the mood of the song changes because of the enviorment and the situation you’re in from a romantic, sensual song to one where the monster is telling you that there is nobody, nobody else around but the two of you and there’s nobody to help you

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@LunaticLeviTheSecond @Meekepeek those are great contributions to the soundtrack!

Would one of you want to make the next plot or should I make it?


Second plot
Genre: romantic

Man finds camera and uses the pictures made to find the owner. Meanwhile learning more about the woman who owns it.


@Meekepeek love the plot, reminds me a lot of Amelie!

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