Make Interactive Fiction with Inkle!

If you want a simpler way to make interactive fiction, Inkle is here for you! No coding necessary.

I have been using it for a while, it really puts focus on the story and choices above all else. You will have to make/find your own art assets but the freedom it gives you to make whatever kind of story you want easily makes up for that. If you’re naturally a descriptive writer, this is great for you!

@Episodians You might want to consider this.


Would you like to share one of your stories here to give an example of how it works?

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Mine aren’t finished but I can show you other people’s work.

They even have an app!

@liyahsdiamond I noticed that you liked the post

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Yeah. I’m honestly not sure how I’m feeling about it…

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Is it too basic for you?

So has anyone tried using Inkle?

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