Making female characters look “weak”

I posted this on the episode forum but I’m interested to see what you guys think to

Warning discussion of minor assault.

I seen on a few threads about female MCs being rescued from dangerous or scary situations and it making them look weak,

I don’t know if I completely agree with that. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to see someone fight back and I don’t like anyone being portrayed like they can’t help themselves . But I think calling them “weak” because someone came to save them is a little harsh and here is why.

While out for a drink on many occasions I’ve come across a few men who have tried it on with me. A lot of these guys apologies and back off once I tell them I am not interested. However there have been some who don’t listen. I have hit and slapped a few guys after they haven’t listened to me telling them to let go of me again most of them listen after I hit out and go away.
But one guy even when I was pulling away, trying to make him let go and trying to hit him wouldn’t let go and was trying to pull me out of the club.
I started freaking out because he was seriously scaring me. I didn’t want to go outside with him and I didn’t want to leave my friend who hadn’t noticed what was happening and couldn’t hear me shouting because of the music.

Then out of no where someone came over shoved him and shouted “She told you to get off her!”

Now I have a question did the fact that someone came over and helped me out of the situation make me weak?

I was trying to fight back but he was a lot stronger than me and if the guy who helped me didn’t intervene I don’t know what would happen.

There was another occasion I was on a works outing and went to the bar with one of my “friends” this guy walked over and she said it was her boyfriends dad. Then she whispered something to him and then out of no where he grabbed hold of my head and was trying to force kiss me. I started try to push him away, telling him “NO!!” “Get off me!” and in panic I started asking my “friend” to “help me.” To which she just laughed at. I think she had something to do with it if I’m honest but I don’t know…

But did the fact that I was panicking and asking for help make me weak?

I think using lines such as “you couldn’t handle it!” Is offensive but having someone come and help the MC and calling them weak is unfair.

I understand there are ways to go about it but I don’t like the idea of calling someone weak just because someone came to help them out of the situation.


I honestly don’t have a problem with this trope. There’s nothing wrong with asking for or accepting help, as long as the woman doesn’t become so dependent on being rescued that she never tries defending herself or trying to solve her problems.



being weak isn’t never needing help. It’s thinking your too good for it.




I dont think it makes them waek, sometimes people are in situasions they cant handle, what I dont like about the been saved is its often portrayed like this

he is rude and mean, but he saved me for a potential asult so now I have the hots for him. its so often used to make the love interest look better

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It’s been nice to hear what people’s opinions are on this topic. tonight has also reminded me of the fact that some people (men included) avoid going certain places for fear of being attacked or something along those lines. I have been doing a walking challenge thing on my phone, I usually get most of my steps in the day while shopping or walking the dog and then take a steady stroll in the evening around the park. Usually there are elderly people walking dogs or with their parents with their children, I usually stay around them (changing direction when I see someone else so I don’t look like I’m stalking people :joy:)

Tonight however the park was pretty empty and I delayed myself while deciding weather to take my usual walk or to just go home. I eventually decided I would walk a more open route close to the road where I could be seen and was even more alert than normal. I think it’s sad that in this day and age we feel the need to avoid going places due to not feeling safe.

I am guilty of choosing certain people to stay around while out. I don’t go to talk to them and I walk behind a nice distance so they don’t think I want to interact (which I don’t.)
But they would hear and see me if I needed help.

There are certain people I choose to stay near such as

Elderly people who are normally walking their dogs or just taking a stroll.
Families with children who are playing around or walking around the lake
Or last night there was a fitness group going on so I stayed close to that area

I avoid people such as
Gangs of teenagers/young people
Men whether they are in a group or not.
Anyone who simply gives me a bad vibe

I know most of these people are probably harmless it the stereotype people we have been taught to avoid and sadly it is these stereotypical people who are mainly involved with crime around my area.

I love this and its so true!! We can pick our battles but it doesn’t mean we can fight them alone all the time.

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This is s pet hate of mine too, I don’t care how good looking someone is if he is a jerk then I don’t care if he helped me or not he is still a jerk. Don’t get me wrong I would be polite and say “thanks for the help” but thats all he’ll be getting :joy:

Totally agree with you here as long as they are not portrayed as they can’t do anything and are totally dependent on other people then I think it’s ok :slight_smile:

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