Making Fun Of Our Episode Stories!

Now… it wouldn’t be fair of me to critique Episode’s stories and at the same time not do that to mine as well. So uhh I’ll be gathering screenshots and stuff like that for those that no longer have Episode. Feel free to post your own cringy stories as well! WE CAN ALL CRINGE TOGETHER!


My first story looks like a cringy noob that just got their first device-

I can’t believe that some people actually liked it-

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Ohh this is gold! My first ever story was Jenna the superstar. I will post screenshots soon, be prepared for the cringiest moments :joy:

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My first story that was never finished was based off a mention I liked, and oML IT WAS TRASH-

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I’m gonna link my story. Warning: it’s terrific. You’ll hate it.



Of course… let’s introduce our cast.
Mary Sue’s father, Derek (the blond guy/LI number one), Sandy (mean girl- blond of course), Step mother: Murtha (blond like Sandy) and the mysterious guy in the skeleton mask. (LI 2 but I just didn’t want to “give it away” but little did I know I just made it THAT much more obvious)

Great directing there! Spot on! We love a character talking only half on screen and walking- no actually practically flying to their daughter!

So basically here he told her that SHE had to marry someone rich but then she manages to “convince him” in like a manner of two seconds then he proceeds to tell her that he has already found a wife! And that he knew she would say that… What kind of sick mind game is this? Like what was i thinking writing this- this does not make sense! It’s like my original plan or something was to make him have her marry someone rich, then I was like… “Ehh that’s boring…” so then it switched to this. (That happens other times too lmao)

(This is a description of Sandy BTW)

I wonder why…

I give absolutely no reason for him being in a MASK IN PRIVATE WITH DEREK WHEN DEREK ALREADY KNOWS WHO HE IS… This makes zero sense lmao.



Mine are too cringey to see the light of day


same, mine had a good plot but then a noob came and ruined it


So my very first Episode story, in early 2017, was AWFUL. It was called the Dessert Club, and it was inspired by preteen book series, primarily the Cupcake Diaries. The directing was a mess. It had so many cliche elements, like character introductions, mean girls, school dances, etc. I need to screen record it so you guys can see what I’m talking about.


Man i deleted the scenes of my story but i remember how it went

  • The popular annoying mean girl had blond bold curls with blue eyes and wore a pink dress and the LI had the classic bad boy look

  • The plot is about the mc attending a music school and the students were auditioning for a big upcoming concert, but the first episode was only CC and it took a couple more episodes to get to the point because in the next 2 episodes i did a little quiz for the reader which didn’t relate to the story at all. And the mean girl framed the MC so she was suspended and chose the mean girl to perform at the concert

But i stopped the story there because i didn’t like it, it had no punctuation, character development and was just messed up :rofl:

Bump because I’m bout to share some screenshots :woman_cartwheeling:t4:.

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Did anyone else write a cringey story in your early Episode days?
Was it cringey because the directing was bad, cringey because it was unoriginal and cliche, or cringey because of the dialogues?

All of the above.

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Oh my god, my first story was so bad. The plot was a mess and was poorly executed, the directing makes me want to cry, the lines are cheesy, and the characters look, dress, and act weird. It was also super cliche and bland. Not to mention all the times I just made the characters go to a club. Why? There’s more to life than that and I was just like… obsessed with it. And it has more reads than my other story which I like a lot better so :upside_down_face:

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