March Art Competition: True to Yourself

The new setup of the art competition

From now on the art competition will be differently, we are having a monthly competition instead of every 2 weeks. The winning artist will get featured on the ShanniiWrites website with a link to commissions if you are interested, besides that we still have the original prizes of winning a badge, a feature on Instagram and coming up with the next theme.

For the first time using this new set up I don’t want to give you too many restrictions, the only requirement is that you draw something typical for your art style and you as a person, stay true to yourself and what you like to draw!

You will have until the 27th (my birthday :partying_face:) to enter one, or up to 3, art pieces! Then we have a community vote to decide the winner.

Good luck and enjoy :purple_heart:

Some of you might be interested in this @Announcements


Sounds cool :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
Will you join too @Secreterz and @itsjenn_a? :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:




I’ll try :joy::joy::sweat_smile:


So there is no theme?

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No, there is no theme basically!

There are 13 days left until March 27th!


Today’s the deadline :eyes:

I have 3 pieces I want to submit! Because there wasn’t really a theme I just drew 3 girls in my style and I used colouring pencils because they’re one of my favourite mediums :two_hearts:


Ohhh, I love all 3 of them!

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I forgot about this, I guess I’ll join next month :no_mouth::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

I want to enter but its unfinished and I’m kind of self conscious about it

Just do it or do I have to do it for you :eagle:

DAM Raven your being forceful today fine i will do it give me a second


You like it?

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I love it!

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Thanks I really didn’t think it would turn out okay.


Told you repeatedly it would be fine. I’m not here for nothing

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You a pain in the but some times Raven :sweat_smile:

When do we find out the winner?