Matte nail polish or gloss?

Matte nails…

or gloss polish?

Which do you like better? Which one would you like to try?

Personally, I like both. The first image is from last year, around November. I tried matte nails for the first time, and I really like that finish. It looks elegant.

The second image is from 2017. These are classic acrylic nails with a gloss finish, which I have had almost every time I’ve gotten my nails done. Glossy finishes look better with certain designs, such as french manicures or glitter polish, in my opinion.

Do you guys wear nail polish, or do you get your nails done at a salon?
If you do get your nails done, do you only get them painted, do you get gelish, or acrylic/gel extensions?
Have you tried matte nail polish before?
How long does nail polish usually last before it starts chipping? If you have gotten nail extensions, how long do they last before they start lifting?


I prefer gloss nail polish, even though I don’t get my nails done often. Never tried nail extensions. They look hard to do things with.

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Matte nails

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  • Matte :nail_care:
  • Gloss💅

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To, write, matte looks more pretty then shine, but I don’t get my nails done like @lonewolf . When I get mine they make my nails sore when getting acrylics…gel…? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I prefer gloss nails! I currently have them on. :cloud:

I love glosse

I’d like to try matte some day because it looks good in black but glosse is my personal preference.

I like gloss but I want to try matte. I’ve had matte acrylics before but I’d like to try actual matte nail polish

Gloss looks shinier, but I never paint my nails anyway :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

Matte? It looks more natural to me. Same with lipstick! :sparkles: :heartpulse:

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It depends!!
I’d always get glossy acrylic nails just because they looked better with the color and design I picked but I think I prefer matte nails!

And I love acrylic nails so much!!



I still prefer gloss :eyes::green_heart:

I tend to do my own nails, although I do enjoy salons.

Only normal nail paint! I worry about what the other types do to my nails.

I have a matte top coat, which I really love. I think the matte look makes everything look very different and a bit sleeker. I really like it with gradient nail colors.

I tend to have more of an issue with my nails growing longer than chipping my nail polish, but maybe around a week or so (depends on what I do with my hands, though)

I love both of them, but I feel like normally I get glossy just cuz it matches my aesthetic better


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ou pretty

Gloss for short nails, if long, both :eyes:



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I’ve never had matte nails. Every time I’ve had my nails done they’ve been gloss, but I think matte looks really cool!


Sometimes I wear nail polish. It’s been a long while though, and I never go to a salon. I have a bucket of various nail polish colors and some nail polish remover at home that works just fine.

Maybe? I prefer glossy nails though. It just feels better.

Depends, usually a couple days, but I can make it a week and it still looks fine even if it starts chipping.

Matte nails look cool, but I like the smoothness of the gloss nails. I’m weird with some textures though.

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