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Nessie - Regular Leader


Hello! My name is Naja, but you can also call me by my username here, Nessie. :grin::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

I am one of the newest members in the team, and I am happy to help you with anything, or answer questions you might have! :blush::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

You can find me creating random funny threads or discussing a deep topic with others.
I also love forum games! You can tag me in any new game you make! :grin::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

I also like music, so if you make any music related threads, feel free to tag me!

I wanna mention that I love platypi and kiwis (both the fruit and the bird)! :pleading_face::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

Feel free to PM me if you are ever bored! I am always happy to talk to anyone about anything!


CoffeeAunt - Regular Leader

Hi, everyone!

My name is Marianna. You can call me by my name or my username; it doesn’t matter. :sunflower: I’ve been on the forums since May, but I became much more active in October.

I’m from Mexico, and I work in a private middle school teaching English as a second language. When I’m not working, I enjoy writing. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I have two published stories on Episode. Diary of a Middle School Teacher, which I started writing in late 2017, and my current story, Miss Understood, which is on the Women’s History Month 2020 shelf. :purple_heart: :sunflower:

I also love lettering, personality tests, hair and makeup, cooking, and spending time with my nephews. I love coffee, mainly cappuccino, and all types of food except for goat cheese, Cotija cheese, canned tuna, chipotle peppers, papaya, and cafe de olla.

Music: I mostly listen to pop, soul, contemporary Christian, and international, but as long as the song is good, I don’t care what the genre is. :sunflower:

Here on the forums, I enjoy games like the poll battle and writing exercises, as well as discussion posts I find interesting. :sunflower:

My favorite animals are cats, but I can’t stand litter boxes and I live in an apartment which is why I don’t have one. But I always enjoy playing with other people’s cats, and meowing ‘hi’ to any cat I see on the street. :heart_eyes_cat:

So if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask! :sunflower:


TL_DR - RP Leader


“Hi I’m gay and my name is Elsa”

Hi, I’m Maya, but most people just call me TL. I’m a Marvel-obsessed sack of potatoes that would sacrifice my firstborn to get superpowers.

I’m from Florida, and am in IB. Yes, I’m just a little bit smart, despite everything saying otherwise. I love to paint, listen to music (Marvel soundtracks are the best), and watch movies. I’m also in three bands at my school (concert, marching, and jazz), playing mallet percussion and piano, respectively.

I love roleplaying, and have been doing so for about three years now across multiple forums. I joined Shannii’s in January, but only really started becoming active after Episode deleted the RP section. I’m currently in 3 RPs (Gotham, M/DC:LA, and Mysteveil) and running two RPs (ITSV and The Champions). I’m always here if you have any questions about RPing or the forums in general ^^

Well, that’s it for me. Love y’all 3000 :heart::yellow_heart::heart::yellow_heart:


Caliope ~ Crazy SG-Loving Mod

(My first and only other pfp. The one I have now is of my baby, my character, Peckerhead.)

Hey guys, it’s me, Caliope! Though I do go by other names here; Crazy, Cali, and Cal. I don’t think I missed any… I hope not. Though if you’ve seen me around, you’ll probably recognise me as the user who writes out her emojis. I’m addicted to the wink one, i.e, (wink).
Anyway, I am one of the newest members of the team, the RP team, and happy to help you in any way. Though probably mostly with the RP section, writing, or even grammar if you want me too. I love to plot, so if you’re struggling with your story for an RP or SG, I’m more than happy to help with that too.
Just hola at me in the RP section, well, most likely the SG section, or the PMs. I’ll be there for you, you have my word on that.


Also, @Jass, I’m really not intimidating!


WolfGamerGirl37 ~ The Sith Lord with a Soft Heart ~ Regular Leader

Star cult pfp_20200131230005

Hello everyone, I’m WolfGamerGirl37 my position here is a regular Leader. I prefer to be called Wolfie on here. I’m from Tennessee, USA, where I work in a Kroger. I’m going to school for a graphic design bachelor’s degree. I’m usually on from noon-two in the morning during the central time zone. I’m a major video gamer which should be obvious from my username. I love anime, manga and going to anime conventions when I get the chance. I have many threads on here that are related to gaming, reading, and shows/movies. I’m a huge fan of Star Wars in any shape or form. I have a broad taste in music which I sometimes put on here in certain music threads. If you like to write, how about you head over to my Prompt Class thread to join the next prompt of the month. I also have a review thread about Voltage inc otome games if you want to follow along with that then please come right over. I’m a kind person who believes in treating people kindly and with respect. As long as, you stay respectful then there will be no problems with me. I hope you enjoy your time here!


Loving all the new staff bios guys, nicely did :eyes:


RainbowCat – Moderator

Heyy, I’m RainbowCat! You can call me Cat or Rainbow. I’m one of the moderators in the staff team and super happy about that! :smile_cat:

I’m from Austria where I study Sociology and try to figure out what life is all about :smile: I love writing, it became a really important part of my life. I’m not only writing stories but also song lyrics and poetry. I also love reading, mostly romance but I’m always open to try out new genres.

I enjoy listening to music and watching movies. There are many different types of music that I like and I constantly find new songs to sing to (although I’m not really good at singing :joy:) Concerning movies, I watch everything that’s really really sappy, but also more serious movies.

You should probably know that I’m an introvert, especially around people that I don’t know. I need some time to feel comfortable around others and it’s the same on here, but I’m trying to get over that! There’s a lot more I could write here but if you want to get to know me, just pm me and I’ll be happy to get to know you too :smiley_cat:

I’m really looking forward to seeing this forum thrive and do my best so we can all have a good time here! :smiley_cat:


Rose – Regular Leader


Profile picture done by @Mashia on the Episode Forums :eyes::heart::rose::two_hearts:

Hey everyone, I’m Rose! That’s not my real name, but it’s what you can call me. I’m one of the new regular leaders! :smiley::rose::two_hearts:

I’m from California and I’m currently a junior in high school. My hobbies include reading, writing, listening to music, playing games, eating pasta, and procrastinating (I’m a huge procrastinator :joy::rose::two_hearts:)!

I love reading, and some of my favorite series are The Hunger Games, The Selection, and The School for Good and Evil! I also love to write, I’m not very good at it though :joy::sweat_smile::rose::two_hearts: I write on Episode and I’m also currently working on a Wattpad story! :smile::rose::two_hearts:

I also love to listen to music! I mostly listen to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and One Direction, and I also listen to a lot of Bollywood music :grin::rose::two_hearts:

So, yeah, that’s some info about me! You can PM me (or ask on my question thread) if you want to know more. :smiley::rose::two_hearts:



Sophia1233 - RP Leader

dawn by me. Found inspiration for it on Pintrest.

Hi. I’m Sophia1233. You can call me Sophia or Soph. I’m one of the RP leaders.

I live in the UK. I’m currently figuring out my life now that I have diagnosed with DID. My alters are called Raven and Luna. I don’t recommend calling them Soph or Sophia. They love the Moon emoji (Luna) and the Eagle emoji (Raven).

Its kind of like having my own wolf pack. I have a small obsession with anime and wolf packs. I like to read when I find a quite space away from the little monster I call me 2 kids. Seriously I spend a lot of time watching Pokemon with a 3 year old obsessed with Pikachu or Paw Patrol. I have rediscovered my love of drawing and writing. I have a habit of writing in my sleep or maybe other me is doing it? Who knows at this point.

I have been RPing for about a year. Been on this forum since August 2019.

That pretty much me in a nut shell. PM me if you want to talk or need help with an RP.


Ella — RP Leader

definitely did not draw this haha !!

Hi everyone, my name’s Ella maybe the first line of this post was a bit of a giveaway of that fact and I’m an RP Leader also… given away by the first line haha.

I’m from England, UK (and so sometimes I might talk properly British) and I’m about to study Biology, Psychology and Drama A-Levels in secondary school (since the recent lockdown stopped me doing my GSCEs!).

My main hobby would honestly be roleplaying and just generally going on the forums (does that count as a hobby? surely). I really love watching TV shows and movies, then talking about them with other people and making predictions about things. My favourite TV show would have to be Sex Education, so if anyone shares my love of the show, message me so we can talk about it haha! But to pick my favourite movie is a lot harder, though I am a big Marvel fan!

I also really love musicals! I listen to musical songs a lot, if there are any musical fans who care - my current favourites are Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen, Waitress (hence the drawing of myself at Waitress) and Heathers! But aside from musicals, the artists I have on all the time on Spotify are 5SOS, Demi Lovato, Sabrina Carpenter and Little Mix (and sometimes Billie Eilish and Jonas Brothers).

I guess a random fact about me would be that I was born without a sense of smell? That might be interesting to people? Or not haha, but now you know!

Sooo I think that’s all of me on one forum post! (though I may have completely forgotten one drastic detail and I will be back on here to add it!) I’m always open for a conversation about… all of the above and anything else!

thank you for your time


You have been accepted into the cult

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Mel(ancholy) | RP Leader

Hello there, my name is Melancholy, or simply, Mel.

You could most likely tell I’m an RP leader from this title, my title next to my forums name or a various amount of other reasons, but unless, you don’t know, hello, I’m apart of the RP staff and a fellow RPing leader. I’m from United States, North America, if you want to find the state feel free to look through my posts and kill some time if you have nothing else to do.

I’m a roleplaying gal, I’m pretty silly, I do some stupid stuff and love to have fun writing. Taurus here, birthday is May 9th and I reallyyyy am a fan of reading and studying zodiacs even if I don’t believe them myself. This place has been such a welcoming home. Proud Nigerian :nigeria: and Mexican :mexico: and American :us: . Christian as well here. Music is my life and I love nightcore. I’m an aspiring medical student. For what? Whatever pays the most-

I play the flute and am always happy to give tips and help. I love reading books, anything by Marie Lu and Rick Riordan as well as C.S Lewis, L.M Montgomery, are probably in my library and I’ve most likely happily read. I’m a fan of personality tests, the spiritual realm, tea, food and travel. I’m a lady of class, what can I say? I’ve been up in here since June, and am running many roleplays. I’m ya gal to PM for any questions.

That’s all I feel like sharing. Hopefully I kept a bit of mystery… Lovely day to meet you all.



@ForumStaff new members need to make their Meet the Staff post. Don’t forget to do this.


Actually we’re gonna be making a new thread so no need hehe :wink:


Oh really? That will be good. :slight_smile: