Melaniey is fine, i promise

<3 im taking a break, idk how long, but here is my farewell. maybe ill be back in october or something, im not sure.

if i dont come back before 2021 i probably left. :kissing:

okay bye~

yes i did inform the people im in rps with about this


Aw!! Farewell, friend.
Hope you come back!

I wasn’t aware-

Stay safe

people who started rps like astro…

Oop XD

awwww I wish you luck on your break

Nooo! Okay then, good luck!

Ahhh :pleading_face: nooo


come bacc

i’ll hunt u down on instragram

Awwww :sob:

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No… Hope it’s for the best! Take care bb! :hugs::kissing_heart::wave:t2: You’ll be missed! :pleading_face:

I’ll miss you! :two_hearts:

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Melaniey, noooooooooo!!! I hope your doing okay

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miss u bb!

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