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Hey there, I often have some times where I just want to write but I don’t know what to write about or don’t want to want to write about something important/i’m working on. Here’s a place where you can submit writing prompts or ideas for me to write or I’ll find a few and just write short stories. Feel free to comment and share your opinion, I’d love hearing them.

Submit writing prompts or ideas here (anonymously or not)


What kind of genres do you like to write? I really love coming up with strange prompts to twist one’s imagination lol, if you’d be up for writing one of them! I’d love to see your interpretation of one of my prompts.


I love really anything :laughing: I guess, I really like fairytales, paranormal, dystopian and such but as long as it’s fiction I’ll read and write it!

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Are you still looking to continue this thread, Ani? I think this would be a great thread to continue and I’d like to read random stories or even scribblings from other people’s ideas. Perhaps create a form for suggestions, in the case that people are too shy to write them here?

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I honestly would love too! I will try that for sure!

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Cool. Will look out for it and make suggestions when you’d like them. (wink) Watching the thread now.

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Soooo, I wrote this a while ago, a scene from one of my RP characters, Aidene.

Red Cotton Candy

Aidene was quiet until they reached the carnival and couldn’t help the small smile that glowed brightly. Her small, nine-year old hand was held tightly by her father’s. It had been a long time, her mother’s death since she had visited the outside world. Father had promised her cotton candy, and she was hungry. She rarely ever ate at Father’s house and often she didn’t need too, but she wanted too. She tugged her father’s arm and for a nine-year-old she was strong, but her father was too.

“I . Want. Cotton. Candy. You promised!” She pestered her father as she pulled him towards the cotton candy booth.

“Fine, fine, let’s go then Aiden.” Her father teased as he walked with her to the cotton candy school.

“It’s Aidene with an e! Stop doing that Dad.” She complained as her father handed money over to the seller who held out pink cotton candy. “I want a blue one.” She responded, her chin thrust upwards as she looked at the pink. She had nothing against pink, she just liked how the blue tasted better.

“Blue, please, ma’am.” Her father said, the chubby woman inside the stall who smiled and them a blue one was handed over with an exchange for the bills folded and freshly crisp. Aidene watched expectedly and waited until the cotton candy was passed down to her.

“Hmph,” Aidene didn’t bother with any manners as she tasted the cotton candy, she only looked up at her dad and responded. “Tastes really sweet. I like it.” Her father laughed and gave a curt thank-you to the lady before leading Aidene to the games.

“Come on my, conetl, let’s go and explore around.” Her dad pinched her cheeks lightly. “Be a little less demanding too, won’t you?” Aidene snarled slightly at her dad, but nonetheless followed him as they walked together. Aidene stopped at a booth that had stuffed animals above it, she reached for them. “You have to win those, conetl. “

Aidene looked at the game in front of them before saying, “How do I play?” The woman in the booth offered her a warm smile.

“You shoot the ducks with the water gun, my dear. If you get them all within two minutes, you win.” Aidene glanced at the gun and shook her head before taking a step back and hiding behind her father. Her small hands wrapped around his waist as she buried her head in the clothes to avoid looking at the green toy.

“Ahh, I think we’re going to pass for this one,” Aidene hand was grabbed by her dad who handled the large nine-year-old with ease. He patted the top of her head as she focused on her cotton candy and walked away from the water gun booth. “C’mon, let’s look at the rides-”

“Dad, look.” Aidene pointed to the woman who had sold her cotton candy, her entire booth was being trashed by two man. Things being overturned, the cotton candy dirtied by the earth it was now on. The woman’s hands were held behind her back as the notice of breaking the rules was being nailed into the tent. Aidene could feel their emotions, and it definitely wasn’t justice, she could feel emotions of war and what she felt overwhelmed. It was waves and waves of greed. “They’re lying. They just want her money.”

“Aidene, this happens often, come on darling.” Except Aidene shrugged off her father’s grip and walked confidently over to the trio. 

“Excuse me, but what are you doing?” Aidene demanded.

“Get lost man,” One man snarled.

“You’re taking an innocent lady.”

“I said, get lost.” Aidene was pushed into the the tent, Aidene let out a sharp scream as she fell backwards into the the furnace they had dragged out of the tent. The circus went quiet, the man only stared, open-mouthed. They closed them and began to turn their backs, until a whoosh came from the furnace. A fire, bright blue and strong rose and up towards the heavens Aidene stepped out of the furnace. Not a single mark, or ash, or soot on her. Anger ran through her veins.

“How dare you.” She screamed, stomping her foot on the floor. “You shall burn for your cruelty.”

Snickers ran out through the men, although everyone else was quiet, the kid had just survived an explosive fire. That only made Aidene angrier. She held her fist up to her mouth and blew into it.

“She’s insane.” One of them grumbled, they huffed and turn their backs on her. She opened her hand and hummingbirds flew from them. These hummingbirds were crafted from light, bright and beautiful. Yet, they descended on the men in flames. Fire rose as their bodies burned, turning to ash. Their remains charred to black ash as smoke rose higher in the sky.

Then they began to land on the tents.

:woman_shrugging: It’s not my best piece of work but it’s something.

Also the form is up on the OP!



@writers :eyes: Any prompt ideas or things you want to see me write?


Omg I’m not sure what to request but I LOVE this thread!

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Ooh. I’ll submit a prompt! :eyes:

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