🏝️ Meraki Coast: Summer of Secrets 🏝️ || Official Thread

An RP by @TheDancingFryer, @idiot.exe, @passionfruit, @Soleil, @Nil, @SpookySherry, @Divcp, and @Duckling

Welcome to Meraki Coast! It’s a beautiful location with lots of beaches and pleasantly hot weather, making a gorgeous tropical paradise. In this game show, you’ll be competing with several other people for the chance to win some spectacular prizes. Of course, it won’t always involve competition. The goal of this show is to meet new friends and have fun!

Don’t think it will be that easy though. Each participant can win prizes based on how well they do in challenges, and the one who does the best across all the challenges will win the grand prize! Of course, the other contestants aren’t going to make it that easy.

Along with the wonderful beach, there are many secrets that are on the island as well. Find these to escape off the island and win the audience over. Escaping the island is the main goal, but friends make that way easier don’t they?

One more thing before we go: romance isn’t allowed on the show, but if you’re willing to risk it… just make sure not to get caught.

So, are you in?

This is going to mostly be a roleplay with some sg elements. Yes, there will be drama, friendships, and most importantly, escaping the island. You will do this all during the show. If your character doesn’t escape the island within 30 days, they have failed the show.

  • No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s
  • If you have a conversation with another character you must reply within 2 days or the conversation will be dropped
  • You should post 3-4 times a week
  • No god-modding
  • Romance isn’t allowed as the producers meant for this to be a show for friendships, but can happen in secret between any 2 people. There is a 3 strikes system however, where if your character gets 3 strikes they are removed from the show. Everytime producers or hosts catch romance, they will give anyone involved a strike. That’s why you should try your best to keep potential romances a secret. Of course… you could always befriend the producers… but that’s another story
  • Remember romance is not the main focus of this roleplay, it’s friendship (that being said, what the producers don’t know won’t hurt anyone)
  • No magic/supernatural elements
  • Your character comes with no personal items from home, and are completely cut off from the outside world when they land on Meraki

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Don’t post until the show hosts introduce the contestants!


Currently on Meraki Coast

The 20 contestants had just landed on the beautiful Meraki Coast, accompanied by the bag carriers all the way to the resort. There, they’ll be greeted and introduced by our two lovely hosts, who will explain the show and the challenges in the following days!

Your characters are currently standing in front of the resort, waiting for the hosts to step out and greet you. The weather is warm and sunny, so staying outside for too long would be a problem. The cameras will turn on as soon as the hosts step in, so be ready! They probably won’t take too long, right?



Mira was waiting in a nice, air-conditioned room with Angel, waiting for the producers to confirm that it was time for them to be sent out. The show was just about to start, and she was very excited for all the contestants to arrive. When the production staff had gotten everyone to the starting location, the two hosts walked out together to announce the first event.

“Alrighty, everyone, it’s time for me to introduce our first event! Since none of you guys know each other yet, this event will be purely social.” She smiled at everyone and continued her explanation. “We won’t be judging you through this event, you will all be the judges of each other. At the end of the event, you will all get to vote for who made the best impression on you. So, why don’t you all start talking?”

@MCSS ~ you guys are now free to post


Jordan was tired after the long flight that they’d taken yesterday in order to arrive at the island. The whole show was an interesting idea, but Jordan was still unsure about what was happening. The hosts explained that the first event would be fairly casual, which excited Jordan to be able to go and meet some new people.

They quickly glanced over the crowd to determine who would be the best person to talk to. One of the girls (Thảo Nguyễn) caught Jordan’s attention almost immediately, and they walked up to her. “Your tattoo is so pretty, I absolutely love it. Does it mean something in particular?” They smiled at her. “I’m Jordan, by the way.”

@SpookySherry ~ Thảo Nguyễn



Amira posed in her phone for the last time for 30 days as she re-applied her chapstick and fixed her airplane hair. She sighed as she handed it in and sat down into the makeup artist’s chair to get touch ups to her tired but symmetrical face. She was then lead by a middle-aged women to the correct place before cameras began rolling. Resting her bouncy curls on her bare shoulders, she performed what would best be called her “model walk”, walking in view of the cameras and giving her signature model face.

Amira then laid her eyes on the two well-known celebrity hosts of MCSS: Mira Shimizu and Angel Smith. Mira (who seemed to be the real angel) made an announcement in front of the whole group of people and the many people that were watching on television that the first event was to talk. Easy. Amira loved talking and couldn’t wait to make quite the impression.




As soon as Thảo landed in the island, instant regret flooded her mind. Her social skills are horrid. She thought – how in the world would she make any friends? To blend into the rest of crowd, she kept the same pace as the rest of the group: left foot, right foot.

The fresh breeze generously brushes along her shoulders, pulling her hair back revealing her neck. As she observes the environment around her, she notices a gorgeous person (Jordan Ruiz) standing a few meters away from her. The beautiful caramel skin along with the black see-through cloth draping around their legs caught her attention first. From the way they made eye contact and began walking, she could tell that this person was about to walk up to her.

Her first instinct was to flash an open smile, straighten her back a bit, and look as social as possible. “Thank you, I’m Thảo! And this tattoo–? Nah. Honestly, this choice was out of impulse. I just liked the strength dragons represented as creatures.” As she spoke, she tried to think quickly of what to say next. “So – how did you end up here?”

@passionfruit Jordan Ruiz~


“Thank you, I’m Thảo! And this tattoo–? Nah. Honestly, this choice was out of impulse. I just liked the strength dragons represented as creatures.” Seeing the tattoo made Jordan think about getting a dragon tattoo of their own, but they quickly dismissed the thought because of the lack of a tattoo artist accessible on the show. Maybe someday in the future…

“I totally get that, I think every single one of my tattoos wasn’t one I’d planned on getting the previous day.” They glanced at the tattoos on their arms, reminiscing about how they’d gotten them.

Thảo’s next comment pulled them out of their daze. “So – how did you end up here?” Jordan decided to not explain fully and just give brief summary.

“Well… I’m part of a band. We’re on a hiatus right now, though, so I figured I’d take some time to try out something new. What are you doing here?” Jordan looked inquisitively at Thảo. She seemed a bit socially awkward, but Jordan thought it was charming.

@SpookySherry ~ Thảo Nguyễn


Claire’s eyes were surveying the Resort rather than the two hosts. She did a few stretches. Claire wasn’t too excited about talking. But, she figured that she has to gauge her potential allies at some point. They took a minute to listen to everything that was going on. She didn’t acknowledge the camera crew. She was more focused on adjusting to her surroundings.

She took a deep breath. She tapped her forehead with her index finger rapidly. She looked at the other contestants, wondering what their classes would be. “So it’s a charisma check. I suppose socialization isn’t all bad. But this is like choosing a good class. Nearly impossibly,” she sighed, shaking her head. She decided to lay back and watch the others before actively trying to approach. She smirked and tilted her head up, covering the left half of her face with her right hand, “Though, if I’m too slow, I’ll just have to use my mighty Dark Soaring Ultimate Charisma.”




“What are you doing here?” – right… What the hell was Thảo doing here? All she remembers was drinking more than she intended alone one night and then impulsively buying a ticket to an island that she couldn’t refund. If only she checked her emails sooner, she could’ve avoided this, she thought.

People seem to like honesty, right? Honesty might spark an entertaining conversation. “To be frank, I don’t know.” She awkwardly chuckled. “I was supposed to have one drink, then suddenly I get an email reminding me that I have a trip to an Island coming up.” Is she smiling too much? Maybe she should tone the smiling down because that might look too disingenuous. "-- but a band?" Thảo said enthusiastically. She loves music, so it was pretty cool to meet someone who was a part of a band.

@passionfruit Jordan Ruiz ~


Isabella’s flight was just about to land. She looked out the small window and saw a beautiful mansion on the island. She was going to stay there?! It was obviously more glamorous than her two-storeyed apartment. Before getting off the plane, she took out her small makeup case and ran to the bathroom to just touch up her makeup. She wanted to make the best first impression. Of course, she didn’t put too much of it. She didn’t want to look fake. After a good 5 minutes, she was satisfied with how she looked.

The cameras were already rolling and were focused on her as she got off the plane. She flashed a gracious smile and quickly made her way to the facade of the mansion. Luckily, she wasn’t late, but she was sweating a lot. That was bound to happen since she was wearing a full-sleave sweater. ‘What was I thinking when I picked this dress?! I knew it was going to be very hot and humid. It’s a fxcking island! I’m looking like an idiot right now! No no, don’t panic, don’t panic. Calmati, calmati,’ she took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

The two hosts walked out of the mansion, looking very gorgeous. “Wow, Mira and Angel look so pretty together!” she whispered to herself and fangirled quietly. The hosts announced that all the participants have to talk to each other. That was easy for Isabella. She was good at starting a conversation. Looking around to see who to approach, she saw a cool-looking girl with amazing curls. Yes, she had found a person to talk to. Walking towards her, she quickly fixed her hair and adjusted her skirt. “Ciao! I’m Isabella,” she flashed her friendliest smile at the girl. “It’s a pleasant morning, isn’t it?”



@TheDancingFryer ~ Amazing Curls :ok_hand:t4:


“To be frank, I don’t know. I was supposed to have one drink, then suddenly I get an email reminding me that I have a trip to an Island coming up–but a band?” Jordan was highly amused by the story.

“I bet you’re not alone in that. One time I ended up waking up in an entirely different country after getting too drunk one night, which I barely remember. At least my friends were there with me.” Jordan chuckled softly at themselves remembering the whole situation. “And, yeah, I’m in a band!” Jordan smiled broadly. “I absolutely love it, we get to play music and make a living off of it. Do you like music?”

@SpookySherry ~ Thảo Nguyễn


Ayden uncomfortably shifted in the makeup room. The bright lights and hot room were way out of his comfort zone and made him sweat in his own outfit. He’d rather be running from a grizzly bear then being here, in this exact moment, having some kind of chocking powder being rubbed into his face “for the camera”, as at least that was a familiar experience. Still, a prize was a prize, and he wasn’t about to just burn free money. He might as well make the most of this “trip” while he was at it.

Just as quickly as he was rushed into the room, he was rushed out and shoved in front of a camera that seemed to be filming the whole location. He fell to his knees, but quickly jumped up and shook it off and looked up.

“Good thing we hadn’t started filming or you’d have embarrassed yourself in front of the whole nation. Pick yourself up and get off the set.”

Ayden had barely any time to sit down and process what just happened when two people appeared from a back room, well dressed, hair done, and makeup set. He recognized them as the two hosts.

“Alrighty, everyone, it’s time for me to introduce our first event! Since none of you guys know each other yet, this event will be purely social. We won’t be judging you through this event, you will all be the judges of each other. At the end of the event, you will all get to vote for who made the best impression on you. So, why don’t you all start talking?” The women said.

Oh god… talking. Focusing on a conversation was the death of Ayden. They were too fast-paced, too invigorating.

Still, Ayden needed to do it. He didn’t want to embarrass himself on national television by being too cowardly to make conversation. His eyes rested on a girl with black hair with magenta ends. She seemed cool. He could talk to her.

“Hello. Uh… sorry, I’ve totally lost my train of thought there! I do that a lot, don’t I? Oh wait, you wouldn’t know, wouldn’t you? Because we don’t know each other! How are you?”

@Cadborosa ~ Claire

la outfit


“Ciao! I’m Isabella, it’s a pleasant morning, isn’t it?”

A girl with dim dark brown hair and the thickest turtleneck Amira had ever seen introduced herself way too optimistically, she thought. Her skirt flared out from her waist, reminding her of a school uniform almost. The sun beat down on her skin and even in her already skimpy outfit she was feeling the heat.

“It sure is.” Amira answered almost sarcastically. “Not for you though. How are you even surviving in that… outfit? If that’s what you’d call it. Are you not, like, totally dying of heat right now? And even if you weren’t, how did they let you go on national television wearing a school uniform? Also, I’m Amira.”

@elixr ~ Isabella

why thank you :relieved:



Jazz was exuberant. Her flight was about to land soon, according the pilot and she couldn’t wait. 'God! I wonder how it would look like? ’ Jazz thought curiously. Anyway, she would hope it looks like a mix of Venice, Italy and Ethiopia. Those places are just so magnificent and the Island would probably look just as magnificent as the city Venice and Ethiopia.

“Flight attendants, prepare for landing please.” The pilot announced.

~after landing ~

Jazz was amazed- Well, More like enchanted. Meraki Coast was truly a beauty and anyone, anyone who said otherwise was a liar.

“Miss. Akabel if you’re not quick you’re going to be late” Mariam Brogudette her Agent told her. “Oh! pardon me” Jazz said with a blush. “You’re right, I am making us late. Let’s go” She said as she grabbed the arm of her most loyal agent and dashed to where the event was taking place.

The hosts walked out of the mansion, looking as elegant as the Friesian horse. “They are gorgeous, right Mariam?” Jazz whispered to her agent. “Yes, Miss. Akabel you are right. They are of great beauty.” Miriam whispered back. When the host then announced that all the contestants should partake in a conversation together, Jazz started looking at each of the contestants. They were all magnificent; Jazz didn’t know who to approach first so she decided to wait for one of them to approach her.




They tilted their head back down to look at him. She took her hand off her face and fixed it to her hip. Claire analyzed them for a second. She figured it must be the first test. She grinned, having full faith in herself to succeed in her first active verbal conversation in weeks.

“Hello. Uh… sorry, I’ve totally lost my train of thought there! I do that a lot, don’t I? Oh wait, you wouldn’t know, wouldn’t you? Because we don’t know each other! How are you?” she laughed a little at his introduction. She quickly recovered and threw her free hand up in the air and starred him in the eyes. “Oh, so you’re the first foolish enough to approach a knight of the darkness, come on and throw your best tricks at me! … Oh, yeah! I am doing rather swell” her eyes drifted away from direct eye contact almost subconsciously.

Claire realized he almost tripped her up there. She lightly smacked her face and began formulating a counter-attack. It has to be something he wouldn’t expect, an ambush! “So, now it’s my turn! What is your mother’s kid’s name!” She grinned as if she accomplished a complicated chess move. She pointed at him, “Well? Is it too hard to answer such a question from a Dark Knight of Darkness?”

@TheDancingFryer ~ Ayden


Of course, the first thing the girl was eye her outfit. Isabella was not surprised. “Oh, haha, it really is hot for me…” she nervously chuckled and slightly shrugged. “I’m somehow managing it. But I think my make-up’s going to smear all over my face! That would be a disaster!” she complained. She was trying really hard to impress the girl. Mainly because she wanted her to vote Isabella for the best impression. That was a bit selfish, but she really wanted to win the first event.

Isabella was a bit offended by the girl’s comment about how her outfit looked like a school uniform. It was not her fault that she liked dresses like this. It was just her style. “Uhm, it’s not a school uniform. It’s just a preppy dress and I LOVE it! It’s not one of my favourites, but it looks cute on me. It wasn’t a very good decision to wear this today because, well, you know, the heat.” she said and rolled up her sleeves a bit. “Oh, Amari, that’s a nice name,”

@TheDancingFryer ~ Not So Amazing Attitude :neutral_face:



Kena was ecstatic to start this adventure. However this would end, she still knows in herself she won either ways; the foreseeable fun was already a victory for her—the potential new friends and experiences she could collect during her stay in Meraki. Oh… and the potential success, of course, that you can grab even without winning.

Reality TV shows like this were actually a part of his childhood. When she was young back in her home country, she used to watch a similar one and she could always name this one thing common in each participant that left the show—they gained success from left to right. In some cases, the loser even gets more success than the actual winner. Fame was what did the trick, but that’s something Kena didn’t desire to do; rather, she desired for the opportunities she can grab with it.

“Wow…” was what escaped from her lips as she wandered her eyes around the destination. She couldn’t help but squeal inside out of excitement, suppressing it the best she can. Sooner at their arrival, the hosts stepped in and told them what they were supposed to do for now. A get-to-know event? “That’s great,” she muttered to herself, proceeding to travel her eyes from one stranger to another. People were quick to find new friends, but that’s not something Kena can’t do. Spotting someone familiar not so far away, she quickly brought her small feet towards her as if there was a race of some sort.

Flashing a soft smile, she waved a hello. “Hi there, I’m Kena.” she said.

@Kristi || Jazz



The morning sun of what Noven presumed to be ten enveloped the island with its warmth, the clear sea glistening as it would throw itself into the white sands of Meraki. Peaceful was the atmosphere, and his eyes were immediately filled with the elegance in front of him gave him. He’d already forgotten about the reason why he came here; if that’s the case, he didn’t choose the wrong option after all.

Noven marched with his fellow participants to wherever they were supposed to be. His eyes landed on a camera, quickly taking them off as soon as he realized he was supposed to ignore it. The perfect getaway from the shame back in Vermont had its cons and pros—he gets to go to the great Meraki without spending lots of money, but he has to expose himself to the public for the sake of… well… entertainment. He could actually go anywhere else, but this choice of his benefitted him in a million ways unsaid.

He needs to socialize. Make a good impression. At least that’s what one of the hosts said and implied. Noven started to look around—pairs and small groups formed fast. He wasn’t really the type to be the one to approach, but for the sake of whatever he signed up for, he tried to spot a person who looked open. So far, he could only watch the people around him get together. Well then, it’s either someone approach him or he can stay in the corner and stay silent for the rest of the day.



Amira knew that this “show” was about making friends, but it was also about escaping the island. Keeping people close to her was important, but it was also important she extended her reach out so they could sabotage themselves. She figured she shouldn’t be so obvious. Besides, making an impression was about getting the right people on her side.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t notice your preppy style. I love your skirt. Tomorrow, maybe be can style each others outfits? I’d love to see what you could come up for with me.”

“Amari.” The girl rolled the name off her tongue, caused Amira reflexively to scrunch up her nose, but she quickly unscrunched it and looked at her back. “It’s Amira. I’m Amira Tahan. What’s your name?”

@elixr ~ Isabella



The girl tinkered a little laugh out of her mouth at his awful “introduction.” Ayden didn’t blame her in the slightest, he would have done exactly the same. She suddenly through her free arm up in the air – rather strangly he might add – as she made full-on eye-contact with him. Ayden mirrored her, cuing an awkward standoff between them for about 5 seconds before the un-named but slightly weird girl drifted her eyes away slowly as she spoke.

“Oh, so you’re the first foolish enough to approach a knight of the darkness, come on and throw your best tricks at me! … Oh, yeah! I am doing rather swell”

Ayden almost tripped again as her foot jutted out awkwardly from below her and caused him to stumble and almost fall over again.

“Are you doing quite swell? Do you need water? A drink? Anything?”

"Well? Is it too hard to answer such a question from a Dark Knight of Darkness?”

“Are you… the Knight of Darkness? Or do you have any name you prefer to go by? Is it Dark Knight of Darkness? Sorry, I don’t want to call you something wrong.”

@Cadborosa ~ Claire