Mermaid Melody Discussion Thread

Mermaid Melody is an anime created by Michiko Yokote with artwork by Pink Haramoni. Here is a description of the plot, taken from the Mermaid Melody fandom wiki:

The plot of the story is about Lucia, the Mermaid Princess of the North Pacific Ocean, leaving her castle in the sea to find the boy she saved 7 years ago from a sinking ship. To save the boy, Lucia had entrusted her pink pearl to him. She finds the boy and sees that he is a professional surfer named Kaito Domoto, but Kaito doesn't recognise her because she's disguised in her human form as Lucia Nanami. She can't tell him because if a mermaid reveals her true identity, she will turn into bubbles. Along the series, she tries her best to convince him that she is his mermaid princess.

Meanwhile, Lucia is informed that water demons took over the sea and that she has to gather the other six mermaid princesses from each ocean with their pearls to summon Aqua Regina, the legendary goddess of the sea, so she can stop the water demons. To do this, she teams up with Hanon and Rina who have both fled to land, and using their pearls, fights the water demons as singing idols.

This thread is for discussing everything related to Mermaid Melody, so feel free to share your opinions about the show and discuss your favourite characters! Just be careful to blur any spoilers!

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Yesss mermaid melody I stan
Such a nostalgia

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Ooooh, I think I liked that when I was a kid!! But I don’t remember, it might’ve been some other show :joy:

Hey, @AnimeNerds, have you seen Mermaid Melody?

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I watched this when I was younger. I clearly remember wanting to know more about Noel and Coco.

I’ve never watched it personally, but maybe some of yall are interested, @AnimeNerds ?