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It’s 3019 and you work for a company, which travels back in time to prevent accidents, and “fix” unwanted events that had a major impact on the world, after, but before they have happened. You and your 9 other co-workers need to travel back a thousand years, to 2019, to prevent a scientist from spreading a deadly virus all around the globe, just the day before Christmas!

The game will be held in a PM and I will be your host.


  • Do not reveal your role, or I will kill your character. c:
  • Do not reveal your role when dead, because you actually have chances of revival, but if you do, you won’t have any.
  • You may trade your supplies at night only.

For bad guys:

  • Do not kill during the day!
  • You can kill without a gun.
  • Do not reveal info to the police during the day!
  • You have a 50% chance of having your ID revealed after killing someone. NOT AFTER REVEALING INFO.

For good guys:

  • Use a gun to kill someone during the day. You have a 50% chance of having your ID revealed.
  • You do not need a gun to kill the doctor. If you reach your destination, the doc will be killed immediately.


Good and bad guys - simple.

  • 3 bad guys, you may kill people every night, or reveal info to the police, to lock you up in an asylum :grinning:
  • 7 good guys, you actually have to finish your job, and kill the scientist before the bad guys kill/lock you up.


  • A gun with one bullet. Disappears right after you shoot. (Three lucky people will get one of those, too bad if they’re the bad guys)
  • A gas boost. Boosts your chances from 50% to 70% to reach another place. (Only one person will get it)
  • Medicine. Revives the dead, effective during one game day after the person dies. (Two people get it, it is their choice to use it, PUBLICLY, and they won’t be notified if someone dies)
  • Potato. Literally useless.

Only six people will get supplies. The others will get potatoes! Each person gets one supply.


  • Every night, you have a 50% chance of moving one place ahead, to reach your destination. There are 4 places to reach in total, the fourth one being the doc’s house.
  • Every day, you will have the option to kill someone. You do not have the choice to NOT vote.
  • If you finish your supplies, too bad, you can’t have more.

The bad guys win if:

  • They managed to lock everyone up in asylums, before the good guys kill the doc.
  • They killed every good guy, before they kill the doc.

The good guys win if:

  • They kill the doc.

Innocently tagging @Duckling, because she dared me to create an interesting forum game RP. c:

PLAYERS: 10/10



Did I forget to add anything? If you have any questions, drop 'em below. :new_moon::dizzy:


What happens if someone just doesn’t vote? :eyes::sparkles:


They must come up with a very very very good excuse. Of they fail to do that, I will manipulate people into thinking that that person is one of the three bad guys. :grin:


3019? :rofl: :purple_heart: :butterfly:
A whole other generation.


Indeed. :joy::new_moon::dizzy:


I’ll try to join if I have enough time :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat::sweat_smile:


I hope you do, if not, the game won’t have enough drama. :cry: Do you want me to save a spot for you just in case? :grin:

Plus, I may start it after the schools close for winter break.

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That would be nice :smiley_cat::eyes::sparkles:

just ignore this

@MeghanWrites @Dying_Dreams


I’m joining !!! :smiley_cat:

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Great, lemme add ya! :blush::new_moon::dizzy:

What the-


Ohh I will join if this will still happen!
However I think this is more a SG than a RP


I don’t know if I will join, but this line of text just perfectly described me :pleading_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


Maybe so… :thinking:
Anyway, lemme add ya! :grin:

No, this RP (or SG?) is dumb, please join, potatoes in the future are a little bit useless, I promise this game will not hurt you mentally, you can have a potato pet in this game! :sob:

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Can I be the potato pet? :pleading_face::eyes::sparkles::green_heart::joy:

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Well, not officially, but you can convince others that you are! :grin:

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Can I still join?

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I believe so

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