Messages In Songs

Alright, so let’s talk about some messages in songs.

For example, Michael Jackson song “Earth Song”.

It includes pictures, videos, of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution, war, animals that are dying, etc.That is a huge message that we need to focus on, and stop doing, honestly.

So, any songs that you would suggest that have messages in them? Let’s talk!


In Neon Gravestones by Twenty One Pilots, they talk about how people are glorifying commuting suicide, and how we should celebrate life, not death.
It’s a really emotional song to listen to.


Any Bob Dylan song. Also, Don McLean’s American Pie is full of messages if anyone wants to discuss that one I’m up for it :heart_eyes:

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As a little mixed race girl growing up, my dad would always make me listen to I Can by Nas


full of messages about young girls, young boys, this n that. I listen to the song in high school.


@ChaoticDeluge have you heard any songs with any messages?


Aside from the Satanist ones, no.

If you mean non-hidden messages then. Most. Songs I listen to >.<


What kinda music do you listen to if the songs don’t have messages?!

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Every song has a message!

This song is about deep-rooted and profound sadness being masked by superficial joviality. The performance we make every time we say “I’m fine thank you” when we’re really dying inside.


I feel like I could find a message in most of the songs I like. Although to find the true meaning I research the album/artist for context. Then it helps me make sense of things.

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