Metallica Thread (Band)


Who has heard Metallica’s music?

If you’ve heard, how do you like them? Favorite songs? Favorite albums? Here is the thread dedicated to them.

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I listen to them and they’re pretty okay.

F*ck yes.

Rock on.

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A couple weeks ago, I was in Einstein Brother’s Bagels and lip syncing to Enter Sandman while bopping my head. I sadly can’t headbang.


Yess they’re prettyy cool :star_struck:

Master of Puppets, I’m pulling the strings!

That song is really nice.

Metallica is great tbh. I like most of their songs, idk where they can go wrong typically unless we’re talking about how long their instrumentals can be.

@Music members, have you listened to them? Do you like them?

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Lol, their songs are like eight minutes long.

laughs in used to have to listen to 20 minute long songs on the way to school :smiley:

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Metallica are pretty good tbh I don’t listen to then much and wouldn’t call myself a fan yet but there’s no doubt that they’re good

I-there are twenty minute songs?!

H*LL YEAH!! :love_you_gesture:t3:


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