Micro-Stories (Monthly Basis)

Alright, this was the highest voted activity from the What activity suggestions do you have for the forums? thread. The basis of this activity is that we write short stories once a day by users writing a part of the story throughout the day. I will put these stories on Wattpad for exposure for the forums plus for those who wrote the stories as well. Let me know if you would rather not be listed in a hidden or blurred spot on your post. I would like to try keeping this thread clean without too much clutter of off-topic posts. I have a solution for that which I will put a poll at the bottom. Please remember since this is in the main section of the forums the stories have to stay in the parameters of the PG-13 rating.

What genre would you like to write about this month?

  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Fiction
  • Sci-fi
  • Historical fiction
  • Animals
  • Supernatural
  • Non-fiction
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Creative Non-fiction

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What narrative would you like to write in?

  • 1st Person
  • 2nd Person
  • 3rd Person

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Would you like a group chat to be made? (This way we don’t clutter the thread.)

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Don’t we need more activity on the forum itself? So a thread would help with that? :thinking:


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Yes, it may be just a group chat, but they often have more activity than the actual thread (well sometimes) so it would still help add activity to the forum.

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I get where you are coming from. It’s true that not having much activity on a thread could be bad but I think if we work on it correctly it could work. Let’s see what everyone else votes for. From there we can make a final decision on whether to have the group chat or not.


Yeah sure, it was just a bit of a question/suggestion


Of course, thank you for bringing it up! I think if we come up with a way to make writing posts separate from regular chat posts then we could do without the group chat. Maybe, we could use color codes to indicate when a post is a writing response?


Genre: Mystery
Narative: Third Person

It was a cold night outside, frost-covered up the windows along the street as Nyla walked alone in the cold air. She had just gotten off of work which had been a long night for her busting tables. She was happy with the tips she had received which she was going to put away for safekeeping. She walked briskly while rubbing her arms up and down her body. This was a strange night for it to be this cold. This weather usually didn’t come for another month. All of a sudden Nyla heard footsteps behind her. As she turned abruptly to look behind she saw no one there. A sense of dread pulled over in a sickening way as turned forward again to continue home. She was starting to get agitated with the unease feeling that gnawed at her from inside.

@Discussions @RPers @Writers First story of the month. Continue with this prompt for the day. You have until 4am tomorrow to finish it! Have fun writing!


Can you set the time using that calendar thingy so everyone can see how late 4 AM is in our own timezone?


Fixed date!


Um Is anyone going to help kickstart this off? Remember you voted for this activity to be made. I will give you until 2020-08-22T05:00:00Z to add on to the prompt.
@Coda_Monkey since this was your suggestion you can start the next short story or do you want me to do it instead?

She looked behind her again, certain that someone was following her, but she saw no one. Nyla stopped in her path, looking all around her surroundings. Nothing. The residential road were free of cars and from what Nyla could see, there was no one in front of her----well, that were visible, at least. To her right was the outside perimeter of a forest trail, where someone could be hiding… perhaps.

Stop it. She was just psyching herself out now. There was likely no one there and she was absolutely fine. Just fine. So why did she get the distinct feeling that she was in danger?

Nyla continued on, her pace quickening partly because of the cold and partly because of the instinctive feeling she had to get out of there. Her home was only about a block away, she just had to make it. As her home came into sight, she felt herself becoming more assured, and she relaxed, her pace slowing slightly.

Nyla was nearly in front of her home when she was grabbed.

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Mines…kinda long v.v

That’s totally okay! It can be as long as you want it to be.

Okay i guess ill share :no_mouth:

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Cool, can’t wait to read it!

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(Disclaimer: Sorry. I know this is REALLY long >< I tried to shorten it…sorry)

The girl rubbed her hands together not only from the frigid weather but her nerves continued to eat at her. Maybe it was the horror movie she watched the night before or the unsettling atmosphere of the abandoned roads either way tonight something was off. Nyla sighed were those extra footsteps she heard? No it must have been her imagination right? A heavy breathing was felt down her neck as the woman turned the corner. One set of footsteps turned to two and then three. Nylas anxiety rose high and before she knew it her feet echoed the ground in a fast paced run. In a panic the woman opened the door to a late night coffee shop clutching her chest. Nylas blood ran cold and her head turned immediately as if on a swivel as her eyes scanned from the warm shop but again no one was there.

Coffee coated the air along with sweet scents of desserts. She slowly felt at ease taking a seat looking over the menu. How had she not noticed this place before was it new? The womans mind raced with questions only to clutch her heart tightly as a voice called to her. “Rough night?” She glanced up seeing the late shift worker smile warmly. A nodd was given by her slowly. “What can I get you?” He asked. Nylas eyes poured over the menu before finally coming to a decision a nice tea would soothe her nerves and maybe a cupcake? As she waited for her order the waitress couldn’t help but stare out the window who if anything was chasing her and why? Small clatters could be heard from the back as the man emerged again “I’ll have to make you a fresh batch of cupcakes. If you’re willing to wait a moment.” She thought a bit there was no way Nyla would leave the sanctuary she resided in so soon and a fresh baked good certainly sounded nice. “Okay.” The woman smiled weakly. The man nodded smiling wrly back. He disappeared only to return again with tea.

The honeyed liquid was aromatherapy in a glass as the still anxious woman brought it to her lips. The warmth soothed her enough to become even more curious about where she was. “When did you open?” Nyla asked the employee. “Recently…we get a bit of business though we tend to move often.” He answered from the back. She stared confused by the irony of the statement. “Why?” The woman asked sipping her beverage. “People just dont stay long here.” A chuckle was given. “Coffee shops are outdated apparently but the atmosphere is to die for.” The man spoke again making Nyla perturbed. “I…guess…how long on the cupcakes?” She asked now wanting to go. “I just put them in the oven.” He answered. “Oh…uhm do you have a restroom.” The woman stammered out. A vauge gesture was given as the waitress hurried to the area.

The womans foot steps paused as she watched the employee standing in front of the oven. He stood with a vacant expression and it dawned on her she didnt smell anything from the oven. The employees head twisted around to a near 360 eyeing Nyla whos blood ran cold. As she backed up the man suddenly crumpled to the ground as if he was an unfurled sheet. He had no bones or internal organs a human skin. The woman bolted to the door only for it to be locked. Nyla began to sweat heavily pleading for the door to open. As she ran to find another exit the squelch under her feet made her look down. A pulsating pink floor covered the coffee shop and eventually the ceiling. Saliva dripped around the innards of what was a small drink establishment enclosing the walls windows and doors. A blood curdling scream was let out. Lights flickered on and off as the tingling of a bell rang a young man entered the coffee shop. “Welcome. What can I get you?” He stared at the menu. “Uhhh a coffee.” The woman nodded “In a minute.” The employee smiled. “Thanks…” He squinted at her name tag. “Nyla.” He spoke taking his seat.

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I will read it in a moment. Thank you for adding to the prompt!

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