Mikhael X Bill | 1x1 crec RP | with Marta

Hi, yes, Marta (@sunflower.flow) and I are back with another crec fanfic/mini rp.
Last time we did this, it’s still going on btw ~W~

More Info About Them

Mikhael Braun a.k.a The Pied Piper :musical_note:
Bill Gilbert Jangles a.k.a Bonejangles :skull:

Their... Conversation (?) So Far

On the Sidewalk:

Mikhael: kisses him

Both: almost get ran over by Gaston

Mikhael: “What the-”

Bill: *shrugs: “Who cares?” continued to kiss him

Mikhael: “I love you, darling…” continues to kiss

Bill: stops “You’ve never said… that you loved me…” pouts “Do you really mean it?”

Mikhael: “Of course…” moves closer and presses against him

Marta: “They are on the street… chill…”

Bill: gently pushes him away “No, wait. This is… important.” sighs, and looks him in the eyes “I love you too Mikhael Braun”

Mikhael: “Mm… do you realise that we almost got ran over just now?”

Peppy/Ava: “Wow, way to ruin the moment Mik-” rolls eyes

Ples blur you comments and posts :yellow_heart:


Bill: frowns “Yes. It doesn’t mean I can’t take this moment more seriously… it’s rather important, don’t you think?”


Mikhaels: “I guess so…” turns away “S-sorry, I’m not good at this…!” blushes


Bill: “It’s all groovy, Mik” Bill puts his hand on his cheek “Let’s go somewhere… more private, maybe? Would that be easier? More helpful?”

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this is oddly healthy now that I got used to Aphro’s and Gaston’s conversations

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Mikhael: “Groovy?” confused
Mikhael: "And yeah… I’d like that…’ holds his hand


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getting used to toxicity be like-

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Bill: sighs It’s ALRIGHT then… not groovy… laughs
Bill: “Let’s go to my place then” holds his hand and smiles brightly

no I mean… I think so

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Me: I’m not into toxic relationships.
Also me: Sees a relationship when one person has to fix the other in order for both of them to be happy “Well… it’s a ship, f*ck”

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Mikhael : “Alright…” smiles for just a second- “But where is your place?”

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Bill: “It’s in the suburbs… a rather small place. Kinda embarrassing, if you ask me.” looks down

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Mikhael: “Mhm… take me there.”

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Bill: “Alrighty…”

the room they ended up in was small, ugly, and looked more like a rat-hole, than an actual apartment

Bill: “Here we are!”

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Mikhael: “Oh, um, this is very- uh…”
Mikhael: “Can we just head to my place…?” awkward smile

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Bill: sarcastic “Why? You don’t like it here?”

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Mikhael: “Oh, that’s not what I meant!”
Mikhael: “This place is uh… very small…?”

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Bill: “No, no, it’s okay, I understand.”
Bill: “And sure. We can go to your place!”

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also, I posted on Aphro x Gaston!

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Mikhael: “Cool! I think you’ve been to my place?”
Me: i wonder why…

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