Most embarrassing things your teachers have done? 😀

My maths teacher didn’t know what 7*9 is and wrote down 73 instead of 63 today… We’re in 11th grade and you learn multiplication in 3rd grade, so that’s kinda embarrassing :grinning:

So what are some embarrassing things your teachers did/messed up? :eyes::eyes:


Lol my Algebra teacher in 6th grade had to get corrected during an equation and it was uh 2x4 equals 8 and she wrote NOT 8. :smiley: Or something like that. And well she was so confident in her answer and was fighting all of us students on it like what? And we ended out being right so… yeah, she was embarrassed.

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Tripped in front of my desk :grimacing:

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I was in my English class and we had to do a presentation. I was nervous cuz I didn’t have my stuff memorized so I wrote a summary down on the paper. When I spoke I stood there, for what felt like forever, just staring. I COULDMT REMEMBER ANYTHING :sob: I froze and everyone was just staring at me. So when it was over the teacher asked us a few questions. She asked jokingly: “so if you could remove one person from your group who would it be” SHE MEANT ME AND EVERYONE LAUGHED :sob::sob:

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My teacher sat on the table while teaching, and the glass shattered into pieces. It was kinda awkward and we had to replace a new table. :eye: :lips: :eye:

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Damn :sob:

At the beginning of my career, I cried in class when the kids were misbehaving. :pensive: :pensive:

I have a situation where I was embarrassed for my maths teacher.

So, she was a real stickler for the rules, right? Well, my school released a rule about wearing necklaces: you could only wear one pendant on a thin chain and the pendant had to be religious. Only silver or gold were allowed for both the pendant and the chain. At the time, I hadn’t gone on my own personal religious journey, so I was still kinda going with what my family was. That meant sticking to Hinduism.

Well, I had the Om sign on a pendant and she told me that I’m not allowed to wear non-religious symbols. She thought it was a 30.

At least don’t be ignorant if you’re going to uphold a pointless rule.


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