Mother’s Day Art Commission Request

Hey besties,

So me and my sister want to do something nice for our mother for Mother’s Day since her birthday was a bucket of dog water. Basically we want a painting/drawing of her or her and our dad or her and her dad—anyway we don’t entirely know yet but we want a art piece for sure. And I’ll definitely 1000% commission—I’m pretty flexible with pricing and I will be paying no matter what!!

We haven’t decided on the sort of style we want or anything so anyone can post their interest and some examples and I’ll add it to a doc to share with my sister and I’ll dm proper deets to the person we decide upon :blush:

If your examples could consist of a head-to-shoulders shot, I would love you so much cause I think that’s the vibe we’d be going for, but full body shots and all else are more than welcome!

I can’t tag artists so hopefully people see this :smiling_face_with_tear:


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I can’t really help on this sadly, but maybe one of the @Artists can step in?

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Heyyy~ what type of style are you going for? Realistic, Anime, Semirealism, etc. I can see if any of the artists I know are still taking commissions and connect you

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Nottt sure yet, not really anime, but from more realistic to a sort of cartoony style—I don’t know the name for it, but something that has definition but still looks cartoony? If that makes sense? But even something more 2D is fine—literally just show me a bunch of artists you like please :sob:

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It’s Mother’s Day and I figured it out so @Caticorn you can close this :blush:

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Closed by OP request